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cheap synthetic wigs that lingering

geschrieben von wigs464 
cheap synthetic wigs that lingering
07.07.2018 09:41:41
On the one hand, they allowed me to retain some semblance of normality during an extremely un-normal time in my life. On the other hand, they were a constant reminder of that time after it was over. They took up physical space in my closet, and even more mental space in my head, but I couldn’t get rid of them because of that lingering fear that I might need them again. Cancer is sneaky that way – no matter what the stats and odds are, you never really know whether you’re part of the group for whom the cancer won’t come back. All you ever know is that it hasn’t happened YET.My biggest concern during treatment, aside from my health, was my job. My contract was scheduled to end right in the middle of chemo, so it was very, very important to me that I not look sick at work. Fortunately, I had a manager who didn’t care if I worked remotely and didn’t ask questions about my needing a day off every two weeks. But when I needed to be in the office, I had to look “normal”. I found that people don’t look that closely when everything seems normal at the surface level- a flattering wig and some well-drawn eyebrows go a long way! I even got compliments on my “hair” from total strangers. In the end, the company offered me a full time job, and I’m still with them six years later.
I had two wigs. One was a beautiful, real hair wig given to me a by a friend who had had lymphoma. The other was a very nice synthetic hair wig that my mom and I purchased when my friend’s wig didn’t turn out to be particularly flattering on me. How not flattering was it? When my mom came to town for my first infusion, we happened to get to my street corner at the same time. I’d been wearing the wig since I cut my hair short but my mom hadn’t yet seen it. As she waited at the crosswalk, I walked up to her and said “Hi!” She looked at me blankly. My own mother hadn’t recognized me! Time for a different wig.In 2017, on my 5-year “chemoversary”, I donated the two wigs to EBeauty. Why did I wait so long? Well, like many patients, I had a fairly complicated relationship with my wigs.
So the wigs sat on their styrofoam heads in my closet for a year. And another year. And I eventually stopped tracking every anniversary of every date associated with my diagnosis, surgery, chemo, reconstruction, etc. When I realized that it had been 5 years since chemo ended and I hadn’t even mentally marked the date, I knew it finally was time to move on. I got online, found EBeauty, and donated both wigs the next day.If you received one of my wigs: I hope they help you feel a little normalcy in the months to come, and I hope that you can feel the good vibes I’m sending your way. I hope that you keep putting one foot in front of the other, making the next doctor appointment, and taking the next pill, because that’s all you can do right now. I hope you get some humor out of how blasé you’ll become about people prodding your breasts, because it really is kind of funny, at least in retrospect. Most of all, I hope that you have the opportunity to donate your wigs too when you’re on the other side of all this cancer stuff, and instead of looking backwards with fear, you’ll be looking forward with anticipation.
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