How to choose a satisfactory aluminum window
08.05.2021 06:02:29
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Aluminum alloy doors and windows are now in fierce market competition. A wide range of aluminum alloy doors and windows are dazzling. Sellers are also promoting increasingly complex methods and inexpensive products. But how to buy cost-effective-effective aluminum alloy doors and windows in the end?

1. Signs of aluminum alloy doors and windows

Manufacturers with formal or safe production and operation licenses shall indicate the marks of related products in obvious different parts of their research on aluminum alloy products.

2. Aluminum alloy for door and window sealing system performance

Expert aluminum doors and windows, there are door glass alloy choices, especially the design of insulating glass products, we must pay attention to its sealing performance. If the sealing is not good, it will cause the hollow layer to contain dirt and affect the appearance.

3. Aluminum alloy door and window components

The structural components of aluminum alloy doors and windows should be firmly connected, and different materials should be filled with corrosion-resistant materials to seal and waterproof the connected components.

4. Processing quality of aluminum alloy doors and windows

The high-quality aluminum alloy doors are finely processed and welded, especially the splicing parts are very flat.

5. Material of aluminum alloy doors and windows

Whether it is a broken bridge thermal insulation aluminum profile, the wall thickness of the main profile should be greater than 1.4mm; the color of the same aluminum alloy profile should be the same, if the color difference is obvious, it is not suitable for purchase;

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