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What are the doors and windows in the eyes of the owner?

geschrieben von yx1991 
What are the doors and windows in the eyes of the owner?
08.05.2021 06:02:08
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Because the doors, windows and doors of well-known websites in the market enjoy a certain reputation, many car owners choose products through the methods recommended by friends, colleagues, relatives, etc. to order and obtain a wide range of doors and windows. The flagship products of doors and windows are praised by the boss and let me be in the market. Among the famous on-site doors, the flagship products have been widely praised by the owners. Let us see what doors and windows are in the eyes of the owners?

My family lives in a residential area. The balcony is made of old-fashioned plastic steel doors and windows. The bedroom was renovated and replaced a few years ago. However, due to serious water leakage from the windows, I am most afraid of wind and rain, especially when it rains. I still can't solve it a few times, so I want to change the windows or find a reliable factory.

I feel that the store is still afraid of the situation last time. At a gathering of friends, my friends recommended my choice. Just a few days ago, they replaced the new doors and windows. This time I used the best 70 series 10 sealed doors and windows, and the doors and windows inside and outside. The walls are covered with wall glue, just like newly renovated, the installation is very professional, and every detail is done very well.

The neighbors upstairs saw that my house was installing doors and windows, and the effect was very good, so they also booked their own doors and windows, mainly because other people’s things are good, although the price is not the most expensive, nor the cheapest, every detail will be To be considered as our owner.

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