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The sword is proud of Wulin

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The sword is proud of Wulin
13.10.2022 05:44:51
Yue Teng introduced the two sides, and the three of them naturally held the ceremony of the younger generation to Leng Mengxiong. Leng Mengxiong looked left and right, and saw the two men and two women. The man was as beautiful as jade, handsome and elegant, and the weathervane was peerless. The woman was a fairy dew pearl, which was extremely beautiful. He could not help but be very happy, and seemed to be much younger. At this moment, I heard Qiao Yin, the blood demon of the jackal's heart, say, "What's the matter? This array looks like three sides and seven stars. Could it be that the two arrays are mixed and blended?"? Feng Qi, this is very dangerous. It's important for you to walk behind your teacher. You must not leave half a step. "" Yes, I've written it down, "said Huang Fengqi. Yue Teng nodded and said with a smile, "Uncle Leng, this devil still has some connections. He has already recognized him." Leng Mengxiong shook his head and said, "You can see that he's walking so carefully. You can see that he's not sure yet. When he really recognizes it, we'll change it for a while." The four of them looked up and saw the jackal heart blood demon Qiao Yin in front, followed by Huang Fengqi. Every step he took, he always looked around for a while, and then took another step. He was really very careful and cautious. Yue Wenqin frowned slightly and said, "Uncle Leng, you see, Huang Fengqi really never leaves his master. What do you say?"? "Humph, it makes people anxious and angry." "Don't be angry, my dear niece," said Leng Mengxiong with a smile. "Don't be angry. Let's find a way to separate him from his disciples." "What can I do?" This question was asked by four people at the same time, but Yue Wenqin added at the end: "You old man, say it quickly." Leng Mengxiong took one look at the four of them, nodded and said with a smile, "You four are all from the superior. I think you must be very accurate and steady, aren't you?" Dongfang Dapeng nodded slightly and said, "Only the younger generation is a little worse,push back racking system, but it can be said to be reasonable. Why? Why does the older generation ask this?"? Do you want to use a hidden weapon. Leng Mengxiong shook his head and said, "Revenge is to face each other and let each other die without complaint. How can you hurt people behind their backs or take their lives? But if necessary, you might as well be careful." Dongfang Dapeng lowered his head with a little shame because he had been wrong before. Yue Teng hurriedly relieved his embarrassment and asked with a smile: "With the meaning of Uncle Leng, how can this mind move?" Leng Mengxiong took another look at the four of them and said with a smile, "You four are just right. One of you throws a stone, and three of you throw a branch. If you cooperate just right, things will be successful." Hearing this, the four of them both felt interesting and wanted to be at a loss. But the Oriental Flying Phoenix asked, "Excuse me, old-timer, how did the stone get lost?"? How to throw the branch? Leng Mengxiong Zhengrong said: "The person who throws stones should just calculate the position of Huang Fengqi's left foot and throw out two stones. As soon as he settles down, he just steps on two stones, so that he inadvertently stumbles three feet to the left, or more or less, just three feet. In this way, the time, position and strength should be just right." In fact, heavy duty metal racks ,industrial racking systems, the words have not finished, Yue Wenqin and Dongfang Feifeng two people, have been giggling, naturally, Dongfang Dapeng also laughed so naive, so pure. Yue Teng laughed and asked, "Can't you just throw it at his right foot?" Leng Mengxiong nodded and said, "Of course you can, but you lack experience and sophistication." What does this have to do with sophistication? So all four of them were stunned. Just as they were about to ask each other questions, Leng Mengxiong went on to say, "You see, he has lost one of his left arms, so his left side must be lighter. At the same time, when anyone is frightened, the first thing is to protect his most vulnerable part. So if you throw it at his left foot, he will inevitably stagger to the left." If it was thrown at his right foot, it would not necessarily be. Yue Teng nodded his head, but Dongfang Feifeng sighed, "It seems that there is learning everywhere. There are really too many places for us to learn. The old-timers are observant, which really makes us admire them.".
” Yue Wenqin giggled and said, "I cut off his left arm.." But Wen Dongfang Dapeng interrupted and asked, "Excuse me, old-timer, how did you throw that branch?" Leng Mengxiong smiled and said, "It has to be just right. Just as he stumbled, three bamboo branches suddenly flew out and were inserted in front of him. After he stumbled, he looked up and saw that the situation in front of him had changed." Surprised and curious, Yue Wenqin said, "Ah!"! So fast, what has changed? Leng Mengxiong nodded and said, "Not only must it be fast, but it must be accurate and steady.". Moreover, as long as there are three things, any pendulum method can not be separated from two shapes, one is a straight line, the other is a triangle.. "Yes!" The ROC of the East asked, "So is the bamboo branch we threw and inserted a straight line?"? Or a triangle? "It's a triangle!" Leng Mengxiong interface said: "But it is not an equilateral triangle, much less an equilateral or equiangular triangle, but an acute triangle. To make it easier for you to understand, I will draw it on the ground." So he picked up three small stones and said, "For example, the first branch is called the main branch, which is inserted three feet in front of him. The second branch is called the auxiliary branch, which is inserted one foot and six inches in front of the main branch. The function of these two bamboo branches is that when he looks up in surprise, they just block his view of the old devil in front." The four juniors smiled, while Yue Wenqin asked with a smile: "Uncle Leng, where should the third bamboo root be inserted?" Leng Mengxiong lifted the last stone way: "This third branch, which we call the leading branch for the time being, is inserted here, two feet, seven inches and six minutes in front of the right side of the main branch." Dongfang Feifeng asked, "old-timer, does this branch also have a function?" "It's very useful!" Leng Mengxiong caress must say with smile: "The reason why we call it a guiding branch is to guide him. Think about it. The three bamboos are all on the opposite side of him. The right front of the so-called main branch is also in front of him staggering to the left. When the bamboo branch is inserted in the right place,asrs warehouse, the road can be seen in front of him. At this time, although he can't see his master in front, he can see the road clearly as long as he walks three or five steps along it." Isn't it completely separated? Yue Wenqin giggled and said: "It's fun. Let's go." Leng Mengxiong rushed to say:. jracking.com
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Re: The sword is proud of Wulin
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