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Hachifu Linmen [end of text]

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Hachifu Linmen [end of text]
13.10.2022 05:43:43
Thank you again for your pink tickets. It's most appropriate to thank you with Xiao Shu and Xiao Li's bridal chamber. Hey, hey. Don't get too excited. It's just a little clip. Can no longer use wine to stimulate the song, it is a temporary solution, and he drank wine. I said in fear. Get up slowly, leave the song with me, adapt to the darkness of the room, the moonlight will become bright, bright red wedding quilt, gorgeous wedding tent, and the soft double pillow made by myself, all this should be wasted? Of course not. He stretched out his hand and began to undress Li Ge. He took away his belt, ignoring his nervousness and trembling. A gust of night wind came, and the belt in his hand rose gently with the wind. (The one who plays the belt, you are so happy) Then, resolutely blindfolded from the song's eyes: "Well, you can not see me." Li Ge's body was stunned. He raised his hand and touched the belt that covered his eyes. His body began to relax slowly. Then, he reached out and touched the darkness: "Xiao Shu.." "I'm here." I was close to his palm, but he held me in his arms for a moment, sticking to the hot chest under his open clothes, and a strong heartbeat hit my heart. Knock! Knock! Knock! "Dong!" He is still very nervous, as nervous as the first night,stainless tile trim, yes, tonight is our wedding night, I am also a little nervous. The special fragrance of the song of departure envelops the air of my whole world, and in the field of vision, it is his skin like congealed fat. "" "Xiao Shu." "I'm.." "Lady." "Well.." "Am I really not dreaming?" I pinched him hard, and he hugged me more tightly: "Xiao Shu..." Don't call it. You will call it for a lifetime. The bridal chamber is only today. So I plucked up my courage, climbed onto his shoulder and kissed him on the lips. He was a little frightened. Two thin lips trembled gently in the wind. Is it my lips.. Too cold? I left the lips of the song,aluminum tile edge trim, his ruddy lips slightly open and close, the moonlight is hazy, but it still reflects the pearlescent water color on the lips. No, I.. Li Ge touched my hairpin and slowly pulled it out. The hair he pulled up was put down by him again. His face was blindfolded. A touch of satisfaction emerged. Ten fingers turned into combs and gently combed my long hair. Inadvertently, he touched my ear covered by long hair. His hand stopped at my ear and slowly kneaded my earlobe, as if it were a seductive plaything, which made him want to stop. Song of departure.. I kissed him again on the lips, his hand sinking deep into my hair, and I stroked the knot at the back of his head. But was from the song clasped his hand: "Do not..." With a hint of supplication in his hoarse voice, he put down his hand and continued to linger with his lips. Follow his smooth shoulders and take off his clothes. Fall down slowly, but he is under me. Posture It seems wrong. However, those who do great things do not stick to trifles, and what do they care about? Since the sound of wind and snow left such a heavy shadow in his mind at the beginning, let me erase it. Song of Departure.. I am a lazy person, especially in this matter, metal trim manufacturers ,stainless steel tile edging, I am too lazy to please men, and today. For you, I am willing to make an exception. If you fail me one day, I will castrate you. Xiao Shu. No "Why.." "There.." No way That, that woman. "I'm not like her." "Xiao Shu.." You Is it really called Xiao Shu? “…… My name is Shu Qingya. Is that important? "Important.." Uh. No, Xiao Shu. "Xiao Li.." I just want you to be happy. Xiao Li. Let me love you tonight. Please bloom your happiest color for me. Thin red dyed the whole body of the song, suddenly. I have a sense of achievement, in my heart, suddenly, another person appeared, the silver-haired woman, she smiled in front of my eyes.
Why I want to be a woman like her. A woman who is both good and evil, who acts according to her nature. "Xiao Shu.." Mingyu, Mingyu is next door. Song from biting the lower lip, not to send out those broken, belong to the man's moan, blindfolded face like a peony blooming gorgeous, red belt and the gorgeous cheeks, as well as the red bed covered with messy hair, are firmly attracted to my line of sight. All this is breathtakingly beautiful, just like the B illustration of Princess Lincoln (an illustrator). God, why do I want to be a man at this moment and gallop in the body of the song. orz。 It's hopeless. Xiao Shu, Xiao Shu, I.. He has reached the limit of his patience. It doesn't matter, Xiao Li. Man. It's normal to call. God, forgive me, I really turned into an attack, actually want to listen to the song of departure in the night, singing under my body. What kind of world is this? Obviously this kind of line is said by a man to a woman. But But Mingyu. "Leave him alone." I used to live in a tall building with people up and down, left and right, so I don't want to have sex. And this is a cave house. The stone wall is three feet thick. Xuan Mingyu is drunk again. He can hear a fart. Whew. I, uh.. Xiao Shu. "Ah.." You're pinching me. "I, I, whoo, whoo, Xiao Shu, Xiao Shu." After his low and hoarse roar, I fell on the body of the song and gasped until our breathing slowly became deep and long. Then I pulled the belt off his face, put it on his shoulder and closed my eyes. Xiao Shu, thank you. His voice was still hoarse. Fool, we are husband and wife. "But.." I'm supposed to please you. He turned around and hugged me tightly. I chuckled, "Next time, it's your turn. No, it's all you. I'm so tired." "Xiao Shu.." Why are you so nice to me. "Just want to be good to you and ask why." Just like that time he asked me why I wanted to save him. There are so many reasons for things in the world. Xiao Shu, let me see you. He dug my face out of the sheet, so shy,stainless steel tile edge trim, so hard to please a man for the first time, although I was aggressive at that time, but now. Ok. He bit his lower lip and wanted to continue hiding in his chest. jecatrims.com
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17.11.2022 11:33:03
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16.12.2022 13:54:09
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