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My husband is born again.

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My husband is born again.
12.10.2022 03:43:33
"It's Li Ze. I'm Antai. We met at the banquet hosted by Lin Lao last time." Walking to the opposite side of Li Ze, Antai stretched out a hand, "but at that time you followed Uncle Xia all the way, maybe you didn't notice me.". Now, let's get to know each other, and we'll all be in the same circle in the future. In a word, he spoke gracefully, but also pointed out why he could say Li Ze's name. At the same time, it also implies the relationship between Li Ze and Xia Zhengsong. Without Xia Zhengsong, Li Ze would not have appeared at Lin Lao's banquet that day, nor would he have had the opportunity to step into this office today. Anfei, come and say hello to Li Ze, "turned around and lightly scolded Anfei, Antai was embarrassed to say to Li Ze," my sister, some capricious since childhood, if there is anything wrong, you can not take it to heart. She has a little girl's temper. As men, we have to be broad-minded. Without asking when it just happened, the first sentence of Antai is to retreat in order to advance. Ming Li is to say that Anfei is capricious, but as a man, to look at a woman's face, how high is it? It seems that he did not understand the potential meaning of Antai, Li Ze, "Miss Ann's temperament is indeed a bit not flattering.". As the daughter of Anshun, not to say how excellent, but at least always maintain the demeanor of Anshun. Right, Anshao? At present, the main business of Anshun Company is property,secondary containment pallet, and there is not much express business happening every month. What Li Ze came to talk about this time was not this, but several office buildings belonging to Anshun. I want them to empty the utility room on the first floor and use it as their express mail room. Of course, all this is conditional, and no one will suffer. However, looking at Antai's attitude, seemingly friendly, but actually no different from Anfei, Li Ze did not want to hold himself back. Anyway, this business is not a big loss if it can't be negotiated, but it's just a little trouble. Of course,plastic bulk containers, the most important thing is that Li Ze knows that no matter how Antai and Anfei feel about him, Anshun is really in charge of their father, Chairman An. According to Li Ze's contacts in his previous life, Anhongda is a very rational businessman. As long as it is worth cooperating and making profits from it, Anhongda never cares who the partner is. In other words, if there is no interest in cooperation, even if it is a good personal relationship with Anhongda, he will not agree. What do you mean? Shame on me? I don't think you can lose face more than some people. At the very least, the people outside have not said anything about me, unlike some people, do not look at themselves in the mirror, just want to use some dirty ways to climb the branch. Oh, no, some women, not yet. "Anfei!"! What are you talking about? Seeing that Anfei said more and more excessively, and was about to speak to Xia Qian, Antai immediately snapped at him. Unlike the previous pretense, Aetna is really a little angry this time. On the one hand, Li Ze was unappreciative, and on the other hand, collapsible pallet box ,ibc spill pallet, it was because Anfei said something she shouldn't have said. If only for Li Ze, is a bit ugly, it is no big deal. After all, but the son-in-law of the Xia family, in the end and Xia Zhengsong separated by a layer. But if it comes to Xia Shallow's head, with the name of Xia Zhengsong's favorite girl, it is not a sentence or two that can be said clearly. Anfi, get out! Antai's voice could still hear anger, and if he had known this, he shouldn't have let Anfei fool around. However, this Anfei really needs to be disciplined. Don't you know what to say and what not to say? "Brother," Anfei looked at Antai incredibly. How could he be angry with her because of an outsider. Even though Anfei, who had recovered from her anger, had realized that she had indeed said the wrong thing, she could not accept the fact. Seeing that Antai still did not say a soft word, Anfei put all the reasons on Li Ze. If it wasn't for him, how could she say the wrong thing? How could her brother be angry with her. Walking out of the door bitterly, Anfei suddenly had an idea in her mind, and the corners of her mouth turned up unconsciously. Chapter 60 Chapter 59 I'm sorry, Anfei is a little naive by us. Just now, I apologize to you on her behalf. "Compared with the previous carelessness, Antai is obviously more sincere this time.".
It's not that he doesn't want Anfei to apologize directly before going out, it's just that, with his understanding of Anfei's temper, if he really does this, it will be even worse. Since coming out, Antai took a serious look at Li Ze for the first time. In his mind, people born like Li Ze, even if they usually look calm, just look at it. If something really happens, or if you are pressed, you will only bow your head and endure it. Moreover, this is Tianze looking for Anshun to talk about cooperation, even if their attitude is not beautiful, as a passive party, Antai also has the courage to compromise with the other side. Therefore, when he learned that Anfei wanted to punish Li Ze, Antai did not refuse and silently allowed it. On the one hand, it was because he was really unhappy with Li Ze and wanted to teach him a lesson. After all, in any case, Xia Qian may be his woman, now taken away without a word, with a lot of dowry. Just think about it, Antai is hostile to Li Ze. On the other hand, it is also because Antai knows Anfei very well. Just look a little capricious, never do anything big-at most, it's just verbal difficulties, ridicule, and other trivial things. In that case, why not satisfy Anfei's little wish and vent his anger for himself by the way. Moreover, Antai also wants to see where Li Ze's bottom line is, is it tolerance? Or fight back? However, the heart simulated a lot of scenes, when it really happened, but none of them were appropriate. Antai did not expect Li Ze to have such an attitude. Say he is angry, but there is no emotion on his face, calm and unusual, only later when talking about Xia Qian, it is obvious that there is a flash of anger. But if you don't get angry, every word you say will not leave half a face and hit the nail on the head. Such Li Ze, let Antai put away the heart that despises at the beginning, complex and examine the ground to glance. Just now, if Li Ze has half a point of weak ingratiation or a point of excited performance,collapsible pallet bin, Antai will not put Li Ze in the eye. After all, business is like a battlefield, and weak and shallow people can't go too far. binpallet.com
Re: My husband is born again.
17.11.2022 09:26:07
Re: My husband is born again.
16.12.2022 11:46:59
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