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Live to see the ghost of the rain night demon Tan _ Infinite Novel Network _
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Live to see the ghost of the rain night demon Tan _ Infinite Novel Network _

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Live to see the ghost of the rain night demon Tan _ Infinite Novel Network _
12.10.2022 03:43:15
I glanced at him. He had a number 311 on his left chest. I thought it was really interesting. It was the same number as the room where Wang Xuefei lived. I took out my fake police ID and shook it at him. I replied, "I'm a police officer. I want to check something. Don't ask or say more.". Do you understand? The waiter didn't even look at my fake police ID. He just stared at my face as if he had seen something strange. I was a little nervous when he looked at me. "What are you looking at?"? I've never seen a policeman. Like you, he has one nose and two eyes. The waiter said, "Cousin, why are you here?"? How are your uncle and aunt? I was so angry with him that I thought to myself, "There are only a handful of relatives in my family. There is no cousin. Besides, this waiter is much younger than me. How can he be a cousin? It's really a random recognition of relatives." The waiter said to me again, "Cousin, why do you come here to play?"? Just get out of here. This place is a mess. It's not good. I think he may have mistaken me for someone else. Since this boy recognized me as his cousin, I just made the mistake of using this relationship to inquire about Wang Xuefei. Did not receive his word, ask in reply: "Cousin, I ask a person with you, have you seen the big beautiful girl that lives 311?"? Does she often spend the night here? Who does she live with? 311 said, "Yes, she has a long-term room in this hotel. She comes three days a week and stays in 311, rain or shine.". Is she your girlfriend? I advise you to stay away from her. You can't afford that kind of woman. I pretended to be sincere and pleaded, "What if I like her?"? Feelings are very strange,ibc spill containment pallet, and I can't control them at all. Cousin, you have to help me anyway. If I make sure that she really has another lover, I will give up and never look for her again. Seeing my sincerity, the waiter sighed and said, "Well, we are relatives. There are a lot of men coming in and out of her room. I don't know which one is her lover.". What can I do to help you? I took out a small tape recorder and handed it to the 311 waiter. "You take the opportunity to go in and clean up the room. By the way,plastic pallet crates, open this thing and hide it in the room. Don't let her find it." I took another two hundred yuan and put it into his hand. "I can't let my cousin work in vain. I'll pick it up at this time tomorrow night, and then I'll give you two hundred yuan." The waiter declined a few words with me, and when he saw that I insisted on giving the money, he had to accept it, so I left. On the way back, I felt that things were going very smoothly today. It was funny and strange that a cousin appeared for no reason. As long as the waiter opened the tape recorder and hid it, he would be able to get the evidence of Wang Xuefei's cheating on her fiance tomorrow, which was finally an explanation to Zhang Tao. But I also have a hunch that things will not be so simple to end, I have been stirred into a bottomless whirlpool, difficult to extricate themselves, deeper and deeper. The image of the silly gem suddenly appeared in my mind, and I don't know why, plastic pallet manufacturer ,drum spill pallet, but I felt very uneasy. Although the gem is silly, but simple and sincere, I have a good impression of him. Now the era is more serious and more warm-blooded, the more people are regarded as idiots. People in society are hypocritical and slippery. I like the true character of the silly gem. I decided to go to see the silly gem and took a long detour to the neighborhood where Wang Xuefei lived. Usually at this time, the silly gem is playing nearby. Today, I walked around the community three or four times, but I never saw him. I asked a security guard in the community, the security guard shook his head and sighed: "That silly child is really pitiful. He was crushed to death by a truck carrying coal this morning, and everyone was squashed." Then he pointed to a bend on the side of the road: "Look, the blood at the scene of the accident has not dried yet." I looked along the place pointed by the security guard. Although it was dark, a large dark red bloodstain was clearly visible under the street lamp. From such a large bloodstain, I could imagine the tragic situation of the accident. A thought flashed through my mind: could his death have something to do with my conversation with him yesterday? Think of the silly gem silly smile, the heart can not help but sour.
This guy may not have enjoyed true happiness from the moment he came into this world, and he doesn't know how he lives alone. Also do not know how much suffering, very not easy to live to now, but finally ended up in such a tragic end. More wonderful novels are available at (110114.cn) novel channel WWW.110114.cn Section 22: Chapter 5 Jielong Cemetery (5) When some people are born, they are handsome, rich in spirit and material, and can enjoy life to the fullest. There are also many people, even the material resources necessary for survival are extremely scarce, if the fate of human beings is determined by character, then in the dark, who will arrange the personality of high and low, silly, beautiful and ugly? Are there any rules, and if so, who made them? If these things are prearranged, what is the meaning of life? My heart is very uncomfortable, and my chest is like being cut out by a knife. He felt so hot and dry that he took off his suit, tore off his tie and walked blindly in the street with his clothes. Walking out of two intersections, I saw a resplendent Tang and Song Dynasty restaurant in front of me. At this time, it was almost eight o'clock in the evening. It was time to eat. All kinds of high-end cars were parked in front of the restaurant. In front of the restaurant, there were two beautiful doors in cheongsam to greet the diners. Inside, people were crowded and exchanged cups. It was very lively. I remembered that I had only eaten two fermented glutinous rice balls since noon, and I was very hungry. However, I have never been interested in these crowded high-end restaurants, just want to go to the front to find a small restaurant to eat something at random. Suddenly there was a commotion in front of the restaurant. The lobby manager of the restaurant pulled a Xinjiang child by the ear and pulled him out. The lobby manager scolded and beat him: "Little Red Guy, come to this place to beg for food and want to die,plastic pallet containers, don't you?" His left hand grabbed the child's ear and his right hand slapped him in the face, which made the Xinjiang child nosebleed. Scolded again: "Your this dirty appearance, add disgusting to the guest?" Then he kicked the child in the stomach and kicked him into the street outside the door. binpallet.com
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Re: Live to see the ghost of the rain night demon Tan _ Infinite Novel Network _
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Re: Live to see the ghost of the rain night demon Tan _ Infinite Novel Network _
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Re: Live to see the ghost of the rain night demon Tan _ Infinite Novel Network _
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