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Yaoshiji Ryoko Strange Event Book _ Tanaka Yoshiki

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Yaoshiji Ryoko Strange Event Book _ Tanaka Yoshiki
12.10.2022 03:39:01
It seems that freaks have no national boundaries, and it is a good thing that there are no prejudices and differences between races and nationalities. From my point of view, compared with American cartoons, Japanese cartoons are much more prominent in terms of originality in the world of works and charm in the creation of characters. However, now is not the time to hold an international forum for enthusiasts. We must make a warm place to coordinate all the situations so far today, and then discuss the countermeasures for the future. I'm sorry for the kindly enthusiast Baron, but the presence of a man like him will only get in the way. What should we do now? I asked Ryoko, so Her Majesty rarely showed a face of discomfort and answered: "It's better not to get too close to him." "I agree. The problem is that he will approach us." "Just let Kishimoto deal with him, and we'll find a place to have a good dinner and discuss the battle plan." It was a sound suggestion, I thought to myself, and it turned out that Ryoko would occasionally make a reasonable suggestion. Ⅳ Soon after the snow stopped, it began to fall again, and in the light of the street lamp, I saw white light and fine powder dancing and flying. It is said that few people in Europe hold umbrellas, and they usually wear overcoats or hats to shelter from the rain. However, umbrellas still make up the vast majority of the bustling crowd, and the whole sidewalk looks like there are big mushrooms growing everywhere. Where are you going now? "Well, from here." Five of us,fenugreek saponins, including Kishimoto's enthusiast Baron, decided to walk first in the direction of the Arc de Triomphe, when a man in feather clothes and crutches came to us with a slight limp. Originally thought that this person just brushed past, but he swung the crutch, showing the front of the silver needle to attack Ryoko, fortunately Ryoko's quick reaction, only to see her body flashed so that the crutch was empty,akba boswellic acid, the knife quickly waved and knocked down the crutch. I have heard that exiles from Bulgaria were assassinated by the staff of the secret police of the motherland, who installed poisonous needles at the top of umbrellas and stabbed the feet of exiles. With this precedent, the hidden mystery of crutches is not an unprecedented new invention. Seeing the crutches shot down, the man jumped away without saying a word, and his movements were totally unlike those of a person with inconvenient legs. Then I picked up the crutch and handed it to Ryoko, who locked her eyes on the man and took the crutch with one hand. Izumida, do you remember being attacked by a group of hooligans in Ginza once before? "Yes." "Should it be justifiable defense to deal with a guy who openly shows his weapon on a busy road?" "What do you mean?" "I mean, if I take a little extreme defensive action on the main road, there's nothing I can do about it. It's all those guys who find fault with me. What does the chief of discipline think?" "Why ask me?" "Strange, I did not name names, since you reply means that you admit that you are the chief of the wind discipline, tour actor Yuki!" Yukiko heard the indignation, but did not turn around to face Ryoko, mulberry leaf extract weight loss ,lutein eye complex, because a group of seemingly ferocious men began to gather towards us, the passers-by who were pushed aside showed an uneasy and confused expression, and in just a few seconds the enemy surrounded us. Paris is a cosmopolitan city that embraces all nationalities. A large number of immigrants have come to develop in various fields, such as art, administration, economy and so on. Even the color of criminals' hair and eyes is different. As far as the eye can see, there are naturally native French, as well as Italians, Poles, Algerians, Moroccans, Lebanese, Vietnamese and West Africans. It seems that everyone is a good resident of the "underworld". Of course, the Japanese can't be as clean as a blank sheet of paper. In 1981, a Japanese living in Paris killed a woman and ate her body. In addition, three Japanese were killed or committed suicide one after another because they were involved in a certain case, which was obviously closely related to the "underworld", but the truth was lost because all the people involved died. But then again, there seems to be no Japanese among the men who surrounded us tonight.
"What happened?"? What happened? I don't understand what's going on here? The enthusiast baron repeated short sentences in an innocent tone. At this time came the gunshot, because Ryoko picked up a crutch to a man ready to shoot, just hit the man's face and wrist, the muzzle down on the sidewalk bounced a line of fire, passers-by screamed in unison, and the sea of people shook. As a result, the encirclement network collapsed, and the rioters took advantage of the chaos to change their battle plans. A military pony in each of them reflected the light of street lamps and night lighting. Ryoko shook her scarf at a man who rushed straight. The scarf containing carbon fibers cut the horse's handle with a sweep. The man swallowed his voice back into his throat and looked blankly at his palm. This is a natural reaction. Even the experienced "underworld" residents must have witnessed the first scene of the scarf cutting off the horse handle. Before he could recover from his panic, the man bent down and spat out the sound he had just swallowed, as the tip of Ryoko's high-heeled shoe was buried in his abdomen. The second man was about to jump on Ryoko's head. I grabbed the man's wrist from the side and turned around with him, so the third man's knife went right into the second man's right shoulder. A scream of pain and confusion came to the reception room, two men fell to the ground, and the two men with knives in their hands rolled into the driveway and came to a speeding taxi. The wheels wailed loudly, sparking sparks with the road, and the taxi barely flashed past the two men, but crashed into the street lamp with a harsh noise. When the fourth, fifth and sixth people came straight, Ryoko, like a "flying bird", jumped up lightly and gracefully, ignoring the gravity of the earth. Izumida! When I heard the Queen's call, I grabbed her outstretched hand. Ryoko held my hand in her left hand and raised the most dangerous scarf in the world in her right hand. Pull me around! Like a double figure skating show, Ryoko took my body as the axis,jujube seed powder, drew a circle in the street with her graceful limbs, and drew a picture in the air with the scarf on her hand. Immediately, the men's arms and palms were spattered with blood. prius-biotech.com
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