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Bucket. Luo . Big . Lu

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Bucket. Luo . Big . Lu
12.10.2022 03:38:26
Purple pearl cold hum, also no longer speak, stride to the remaining food in front of, also regardless of its already cold, big mouthful of eat up. Its ugly eating appearance is enough to compare with the former Ma Hongjun. Anyway, she doesn't look like a woman. Tang San frowned. After a while, the Purple Pearl ate the rest of the food. Without looking at Tang San, he went to the corner and sat down, closed his eyes and went to sleep. Tang San showed a smile at the corners of his mouth, and he could see it. The head of the regiment is really depressed. He also did not open his mouth, his eyes faintly swept to the periphery, and several pirates quickly disappeared,metal cosmetic tubes, but he did not seem to see it. He sat in the middle of the hall, closed his eyes and practiced cross-legged. The sea breeze rustled the trees on the island. But now it's going into winter, and there are few leaves in the forest. However, the temperature of the sea is always higher than that of the inland, and the marine climate makes it not too cold. As the night deepens,empty cosmetic tubes, Tang San is practicing quietly. The Shrek Six fell into a deep sleep, and the room, which lacked a wall, seemed very quiet. Just then, the purple pearl in the corner quietly opened her eyes. Looking at Tang San, he showed a vicious look in his eyes. Make a face in his direction. He looked around and moved his body quietly. The distance she moved was not long, only about one meter, and there was a table. Purple Pearl went directly under the table, cosmetic plastic tube ,plastic cosmetic tubes, raised her hand and pressed it gently under the table. The board under the table turned over, and she disappeared under the board in an instant. There was no sound during the whole process. No need to stare, just keep practicing. Just a few seconds after the Purple Pearl left. Tang San's faint voice sounded. Jixiang opened his eyes and looked at Tang San in puzzlement. Teacher. Did you let her go on purpose? Tang San smiled indifferently and said, "Otherwise.". Do you think she can get out of here? Not only did I let her go, but soon she could feel that her strength was restored. In half an hour, she will come back with a large number of pirates. Do you believe it? Jixiang looked at Tang San with doubts in his eyes. Tang San smiled and said, "I just want to tell her that no matter what she does, she can't pose a threat to me at all.". That's why I let her go. It will take at least five more days for my comrades to recover from their wounds. I don't have time to watch out for these pirates all day. It's better to convince them all at once. As if enlightened, Jixiang blinked his eyes and asked Tang San, "Teacher.". Is your sixth soul ring really at the level of 100,000 years? Tang San frowned slightly, but nodded gently. Later. The teacher asks you to look at another unique learning of this school. Your martial soul is a needle, which is very suitable for this kind of learning. As Tang San said, in less than half an hour, the outside was already lively. Purple Pearl's arrogant voice sounded outside. Surround me. Not a single fly can be released. Fuck. This bastard. I don't want him to drink two pots of water to wash his feet. He doesn't know the power of my purple pearl. Listening to the voice of Purple Pearl, Tang San could not help smiling, but still stood still. Jixiang has been sitting beside him quietly observing Tang San. Tang San's calmness gave people a sense of reassurance, as if he didn't need to worry about anything happening outside. Tang San is like a solid fortress that can protect all of them. Tang San. You son of a bitch. You come out here. Fuck. I have grown up so much. I've never been so insulted. I want to see it. Who are you to fight thousands of us with the strength of one man. I won't be hard on you. You drink two pots of water for washing my feet. I'll let you go. Of course. The little girl must be left to me as a wife. At this time, the room outside the purple pearl has been densely surrounded by pirates. The torch shone high. Keep the village brightly lit. Almost all the soul masters are concentrated in the inner circle. One by one carefully and vigilantly looked at the wooden house. The old pirate who had communicated with Tang San during the day stood beside Purple Pearl and whispered to Purple Pearl, "Colonel.". That man is not easy to deal with. I think we should forget it. Anyway, they just want to rest here and leave. Now that you're out of danger. He didn't do anything to really harm our Purple Pearl Pirate Group. It's better not to make too many enemies. "Fart.".
"Purple Pearl's very plump chest rose and fell powerfully because of her anger." When have I ever been so angry. I said let him drink two pots of water to wash his feet. You have to let him drink. Tang San. You son of a bitch. Get your ass out here. Just then, an elegant voice came from the room. Purple Pearl. Haven't you heard that phrase? Heaven's sins can be forgiven, but you cannot live with your own sins. Purple Pearl froze for a moment. "It's ***ing time.". You are still dragging Wen with me. Guy. You listen to me. I don't have to embarrass your buddies. But you have to give me an explanation for what you did today. There are thousands of us here, and one spit can drown you. Far away, she could see the scene in the room through the broken wall. Tang San always sat in his original position. Not at all surprised by her presence outside. He even sat there with his eyes closed. Although Purple Pearl herself would never admit it. But Tang San's magnanimity still made her secretly feel a little broken. The pirates pressed forward step by step towards the cabin, but Tang San's performance during the day still played a great deterrent role. Although they are constantly moving forward, but dare not too fast, the more powerful the soul division. The more I understood how strong Tang San was when he controlled the purple pearl during the day. Especially the hundred-thousand-year-old soul ring on his body. The impact on these pirate soul masters is enormous. Who knows what kind of horrible skill his sixth soul skill is? Standing up slowly, Tang San patted Jixiang on the shoulder. Try to understand my technique as much as possible. Don't try to see. This stunt requires a big picture first. As for everything else,aluminium laminated tube, it can be cultivated through the day after tomorrow. A faint light flashed, and a faint smile appeared on Tang San's face. The partners are all alive and gathered again. By this time his state of mind had completely returned to normal, and naturally there was no intention of killing the pirates outside. emptycosmetictubes.com
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