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The Demon Concubine of the Temple is so sweet.
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The Demon Concubine of the Temple is so sweet.

geschrieben von KaiPereira 
The Demon Concubine of the Temple is so sweet.
12.10.2022 03:30:03
Fortunately, Rong Ji knew what I was thinking, and did not take the initiative to use the living as a medicine guide, otherwise, it would be difficult for me to feel at ease in my life. Huaxin climbed out of the cuff, imitated my posture, held his hairy chin in both hands, and asked me curiously, "Does Master have money?"? Is he short of a wife? "My master is so poor that he has nothing of value except his precious wife." Master suddenly looked up and looked straight at me with eyes as big as sesame seeds. Perhaps because Master's eyes were too small, there was no place to put the care in his eyes, so they turned into tears. Master! Don't cry, the tears are bigger than your eyes! I grabbed the hairy head of the flower core and flew down. Unfilial disciple! All know how to tease as a teacher! Master wiped away the tears from her eyes and smiled through her tears. "Xiao Qi is more and more slim and graceful. It's really good." Rong Ji got up with a playful smile on his face. He looked down at me and whispered in my ear, "Song wants to find me. There's no need to hide.". You're jumping up and down. What if you fall? If you're afraid I'll fall, why don't you come and look for me? I had to come to the door myself before I could coax me! I pinched his handsome and extraordinary cheek, harder and harder, until I pinched out the bruises before I was willing to let go. Song, song, you can do it gently! Who will earn money to support us if we break Rong Ji? Hua Xin wrapped her slender arm around my wrist and was very nervous. Rong Ji looked at me without squinting, without crying out for pain or begging for mercy. After a long time, he said,Magnetic Drain Plug, "It's taught by the Iron Hand. He said that playing hard to get often gets twice the result with half the effort." "You can't do that!"! Such a good song. If you play hard to get, she might run away with the others as soon as she gets angry! Hua Xin put her hands on her hips and raised her hairy head to teach Rong Ji a lesson. Rong Ji glanced at her lightly and explained to me solemnly, "I'm always worried about touching your stubborn illness. In addition, the Iron Hand boasts that it's a romantic veteran. It's said that playing hard to get can make you dead set on it, and it's not easy to affect your stubborn illness. So I did it." The iron hand, half leaning on the corridor, sneezed several times and looked in my direction in a trance. I met his eyes, mercilessly gouged him one eye,metal stamping parts, I said why Rong Ji always hot and cold, indifferent, the original is the iron hand in the way! If I get the chance, I'll make a good play of him! The iron hand had an epiphany, touched his nose with a guilty conscience, and ran away without a trace. I looked back, quite a bit of heartache to blow Rong Ji was pinched by me black and blue cheeks, "when you are hot and cold to me, my heart is so painful." "I dare not." Rong Ji answered in a low voice, making a gesture to help me relieve the pain in my heart. I half push half, the bottom of my heart deer bump, some expectations, and some fear, had to bury my head into the heart of tolerance, DIN screw plug ,metal stamping parts, in order to cover the red cheeks. Master took advantage of the fact that I was bored with Rong Ji, and she was already close to me. Holding her eyes as big as sesame seeds, she stared curiously at the flower core on my shoulder. The flower core hid behind my ear and stared at the master warily. "The song says you are so poor that I don't want to marry you!" "Bah!"! I have a wife. Why should I covet a weed? Master was angry, and his neatly trimmed beard trembled with the violent trembling of his lips, like an old sheep chewing grass, which looked very funny. Dust children, I seem to remember you! You always like to steal Laojun elixir! Hua Xin said so. The master snorted coldly, "So what?"? Unlike you, after hundreds of thousands of years of repair, it's still a dog's tail grass that can't hold up the wall. Chapter 191 of the main text secretly protects the gold owner (the first watch). I was surprised to see one person and one grass bickering with great interest, but I didn't expect that Master and Hua Xin were old acquaintances. Master, is Hua Xin really hundreds of thousands of years old? The master answered in a deep voice, "She is much older than Rong Ji.". Ordinary fairies have a disaster in ten thousand years, but the flower core is particularly special. There is only one disaster in hundreds of thousands of years. But this disaster is difficult to overcome, and it is ominous.
” When Hua Xin heard this, he said with great trepidation, "Is it difficult? My time is running out!"! Master Liao Chen, you have always known the destiny of heaven. Can you calculate for me how to save my life? If you can't save your life, what can you do to help me bring the wealth I have accumulated all my life to the afterlife? Master looked up at the neon sky, her eyes shining deeply. His thoughts seemed to be clinging to the sky with the cold wind of the new moon and flowing into a more profound cycle of time. Moments later, Master's thin body seemed to be touched and trembled slightly. The flower core could not wait to wave her slender arms in front of the master's eyes, shouting the master's name like a soul. When the master came to his senses, there was a bit of pity in his eyes. "Flower core, unintentional.". If you don't get emotional, long live a thousand years. Once moved, it is beyond redemption. "All right, all right!" When Hua Xin heard this, he breathed a long sigh of relief. "I also breathed a long sigh of relief. The elm head of the flower core has not been enlightened for hundreds of thousands of years, and it must not be enlightened for a while." Master, Su Su specially made pastry for you. I wonder if it suits your taste. Holding a dish of fragrant pastry in her hand, Liu Su Su smiled at Master Shi Shiran. Master's eyes, as big as sesame seeds, suddenly became round. "I'm not dreaming, am I?"? Such a lovely little girl should make eyes at me! I only felt that Liu Susu was very funny. She must have regarded my master as Rong Ji's master, so she was so attentive. Liu Susu turned around, turned and carried a cup of hot tea, gently sent to the front of Rong Ji, "East King, please use tea." "He doesn't like tea, so I'll do it for him." Between Liu Susu and Rong Ji, I grabbed the ancient teacup in Liu Susu's hand and drank the tea in the cup with my head up. Yes, Miss Liu is good at cooking tea! I threw the teacup aside and turned to look at Rong Ji, who was standing at the side of the body without expression. Are you disappointed that you can't drink Miss Liu's tea? Rong Ji frowned slightly, holding my increasingly hot cheeks in both hands, and said helplessly,Steel investment casting, "Why do you send everything to your mouth?"? How can she eat the tea she cooks in a muddle? Liu Susu bit her lips and defended herself in a low voice, "The water for cooking tea is the snow water on the iceberg, which is non-toxic." 。 autoparts-dx.com
Re: The Demon Concubine of the Temple is so sweet.
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Re: The Demon Concubine of the Temple is so sweet.
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Re: The Demon Concubine of the Temple is so sweet.
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Re: The Demon Concubine of the Temple is so sweet.
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Re: The Demon Concubine of the Temple is so sweet.
06.06.2023 18:30:48
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