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Mortal Immortal [End]

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Mortal Immortal [End]
12.10.2022 03:17:56
Where the white fireball passed, the void twisted and brought out black traces. The white flame contains amazing firepower, which can burn the void! What was even more shocking was that as Gong Shutian's two hands were quickly pinched, the flames on the flame sword surged wildly, and six or seven groups of white fireballs were shot out one after another. After a slight circle nearby, the North and South Korea shot away. All of a sudden, Han Li in front of the white flame roll, the void with a circle of visible ripples, so that Han Li simply can not hide. Chapter 690 the way of the other. Nbsp; Han Li's pupil shrinks With a sudden lift of one arm, a small blue shield flew out, dripped down, and rose to the size of seven or eight feet against the wind. The blue light on the shield flashed into a blue water curtain. Above the water curtain, a magnificent river emerged, running endlessly, and blue water waves rolled on it, making the sound of angry waves like the Milky Way. The white fireballs bombarded the blue water curtain one after another, sending out a series of loud rumblings, and two huge lights, one white and one blue, spread out. But under a violent tremor of the blue water curtain, several whirlpools emerged on the surface of the virtual shadow of the river, but in a twinkling of an eye,Flush Retrofit Kit, calm was restored as if nothing had happened. When Gong Shutian saw this scene, his complexion changed. Han Li took a look at the blue sword imprisoned by the fire banner cage and waved it. All the light of the blue sword in the cage dissipated and turned into nine small blue swords, which fell down, as if they had lost all their strength. Then he waved his hands again, and nine small blue swords filed out of his sleeves, turning into nine dragon-like blue sword lights, and shooting at the place where the public was lost. The Heat Immortal breathed a sigh of relief at the moment, muttering in his mouth,push button toilet flush valve, and the red light of the plantain fire fan in his hand came out, and a row of red runes emerged on the fan, which was a hard fan to the public. Boom! Nine flames of different depths surged out of the plantain fire fan, and then all the flames congealed in the middle, turning into a huge fire phoenix of a hundred feet in size, dragging nine long tail feathers behind it. As soon as the nine-tailed fire phoenix fluttered its wings, it rushed toward the public sky with a terrible and hot breath that could burn all things in the world. Gong Shutian's face sank, his hands were empty, and the flame sword immediately flew back into his hands, and then he cut it hard in front of him. The sound of "hissing" is loud! Countless thick flame sword gas gushed out, into a huge net of fire, under a cover, then the nine sword gas, as well as the nine-tailed fire phoenix suddenly involved. The loud rumbling noise burst open, and all kinds of swords and flames mingled together. The three of them immediately fought together and were neck and neck for a moment. Han Li controls the nine-handle Green Bamboo Bee Cloud Sword to fight with Gong Shutian, while his eyes sweep to the side of Zhou from time to time. The fox three and the Bi She fairy are also fighting with Su Liu and Chi Rong at the moment, Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl ,Time Delay Tap, but the fox three and the Bi She fairy are obviously at a disadvantage. At this time, Su Liu was surrounded by five-color thunder and lightning, and a hundred-foot long five-color thunder spear could be congealed in every move. The momentum was terrible, and there were more than a dozen magnificent thunder and lightning flying swords circling and flying over his head, forming a thunder and lightning sword array, which protected the whole body. Fox three in the overwhelming pressure of the five-color thunder spear, a magic law was completely restrained, can only rely on the body and the space magic weapon constantly dodge. It's just that his magic weapon of space is so magical that he can always avoid a seemingly fatal blow at a critical moment, which makes Su Liu have no way to take it for a while. Bi she fairy there is not good, the female body is surrounded by eight millstone-sized blue beads, each bead is blue water shining, but also emit monstrous cold. The blue awns of the eight beads are connected to each other to form a crystal clear blue mask. But the blue mask was wrapped in a towering red sea of fire, and a fire dragon could be seen rolling and flying in the sea of fire. An indescribable heat spread from the sea of fire, as if it had ignited the void directly. Waves of red and golden fire hit the blue mask hard, causing the edge of the mask to soften quickly and melt quickly. Seeing this, Bi She Fairy was surprised and angry on her face. She pinched her hands like a wheel and suddenly let out a low roar in her mouth.
A blue crystal light suddenly flew out of the sky above her head, and after a drop of condensation, it turned into a virtual shadow of a giant blue crystal snake the size of a hundred feet. The snake's head was flat, its whole body was covered with a layer of white armor, and its back was covered with a long blue ice thorn, which gave off a very cold breath all over its body. As soon as the shadow of the giant snake appeared, it immediately opened its mouth wide, and the blue cold air spurted out wildly, and sank into the blue mask one after another. The blue mask absorbed the white cold, and immediately the light was full, and the melting place at the edge stopped immediately, and quickly healed and repaired. In the twinkling of an eye, the blue mask was restored as before, and it was very stable. Seeing this, Chi Rong frowned slightly, turned his head and looked at the other two battle groups around him. He saw that Gong Shutian and Su Liu had not cleaned up their opponents, and their faces sank again. His eyes flashed red, his hands pinched, and his whole body burst into flames, which quickly spread around, and in a twinkling of an eye filled the whole hall, forming a huge flame realm, which wrapped everyone in it. Immediately after that, Chi Rong pinched a little bit out, and the flames in the spiritual realm rolled towards his head, and in a twinkling of an eye, they condensed into a big bell with red light flashing. This big bell looks very simple, the whole body is red, as if it was cast by fire copper, engraved with mountains and rivers, the sun, moon and stars and other patterns, as well as many tadpole-like characters, giving people a very huge and heavy feeling. When Han Li saw the big red bell,Self-closing Shower Valve, he felt a slight tremor in his heart. This clock not only emits a powerful and incomparable flame breath, but also is mixed with powerful time law fluctuations. But Chi Rong raised his hand and knocked on the red bell. Dang Dang Dang. The melodious bell rang through, and there was a strange magic in the bell that penetrated the soul. cnkexin.com
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