What Do Blizzard's Recent Changes Mean for the Future of WoW Classic?
16.03.2021 15:47:53
What Do Blizzard's Recent Changes Mean for the Future of WoW Classic?

Blizzard recently published a series of Blue Posts detailing the reasoning behind the recent proc effect change in Classic WoW coming with Patch 1.13.6, using peculiar language such as "err on the side of fun", "we know that perfect authenticity is ultimately impossible", and "keep Classic fun, in the “spirit” of the original game". In addition to other incoming changes, Blizzard seems to be fixing and adjusting various issues across Classic that doesn't necessarily apply directly to Phase 6 or Naxxramas in general... could these changes be a clue to the future of Classic WoW?To get more news about safe wow classic gold, you can visit lootwowgold official website.
Warning And Account Actions Against Multi-Boxers
For the first time in World of Warcraft's history, Blizzard is taking a stand against Multi-Boxers. Multi-Boxing has been a thorn in the community's side for a very long time. In a very direct way, Multi-Boxing has been a perfect example of "pay to win" and in a world like Classic WoW, where open world PvP can be vital for gathering valuable resources, Multi-Boxers have been plaguing Classic PvP Servers since launch. The community is ecstatic for this change, other than the Multi-Boxers themselves, of course. While this change applies to both Classic and Retail World of Warcraft, it is a welcome change and an overall positive for the future of both games.

While this direction that Blizzard is taking won't be killing Multi-Boxing outright, it does ban third party programs sending keystrokes to multiple game clients. Essentially, those giant roaming 40-man raids who all Arcane Explosion and Fire Blast at the same time will no longer be allowed by Blizzard's post. However, players can still run around with multiple characters on follow, but they won't be able to send keystrokes across multiple clients simultaneously, an important distinction that has to be clarified.
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