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Wall Street has struggled for direction in the past month

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Wall Street has struggled for direction in the past month
19.07.2020 11:15:44
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Wall Street has struggled for direction in the past month. Since July 11, the S 500 has traded in a narrow range, with its peak barely 2 percent higher than its trough. On Tuesday, with sales seen rising 0.3 percent. Frank Sinatra said when he went home, he played Nat King Cole records to relax. To me, Nat King Cole's voice is timeless. He died in 1965 and made a posthumous comeback a quarter of a century later, when his daughter Natalie made a tribute recording that mixed her voice with his. A Growth Slowdown Is Coming for Sirius XM StockClearly, the worst is behind Sirius XM stock. The company was able to refinance its debt at much lower rates earlier this year. This saved interest expense and showed how much confidence the bond markets have in the company.

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