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CHF Trend Attracts Much Attention

geschrieben von xysoom 
CHF Trend Attracts Much Attention
28.06.2020 11:17:15
CHF Trend Attracts Much Attention

May 14th from WikiFX. Swiss franc has risen to parity against the euro for the first time in five years. As of May 5th, CHF speculative net long position increased by 2,215 to 7,791 contracts. Among them, speculative long positions increased 493 to 12,967, while speculative short positions decreased 1,722 to 5,176 contracts.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx news official website.

  The rise in new confirm cases proves forex option traders’ warning in the past few weeks about a second wave of outbreaks. They expressed this concern by making bullish bets on the safe-haven Swiss Franc.

  The market also has high demand for USDX longs of 9 moths-12 months of maturity. Bond investors have a similar view, proven by the 10-year syndicated underwriting bonds issued in the UK on Tuesday that attracted nearly US$100 billion of subscription.
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