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Apply to damp hair before styling

geschrieben von bebelisa12 
Apply to damp hair before styling
01.03.2020 15:44:09
7 tips for the correct application of heat protection sprays
In order to prevent hair breakage, split ends, fizz and dull, brittle strands by removing moisture when styling without heat protection, you should not only use the heat protection spray, but also use it correctly.

1. Apply to damp hair before styling lacewigsbuy
Why? Because the heat protection spray is easier to distribute there.
2. 30 centimeters safety distance, please!
This ensures that the care and protective molecules are placed over the entire hair and can be better distributed. Don't forget the approach!
3. Where's my big pronged comb again?
With it you comb your hair and distribute the spray evenly throughout your hair.

4. Now you can blow-dry
Even if a blow dryer doesn't get as hot as a flat iron, you should still use the heat protector before blow drying, and not afterwards. Moisture is removed from the hair when blow-drying. To counteract this, you should definitely take heat protection before blow-drying.
5. After blow drying is before blow drying
When your hair is completely dry, you can distribute a load of the spray in it again.
6. The right smoothing routine
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