he doesn t get past big blue
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he doesn't get past big blueHis attitude towards them isn't necessarily changing, but he is seeing another side to them.[12]After Brax visited Josh and Andy's mother Debbie (Olivia Pigeot), he began acting strangely, causing his partner Ricky Sharpe (Bonnie Sveen) to suspect that he might be Josh's father. However, Brax soon confessed to killing Josh's Wholesale Customized Jerseys father Johnny Barrett (Stephen Anderton) several years ago.[13] Ricky begged Brax to keep quiet about Johnny's death, but he told the police and was charged.[13] On the day of Brax's trial, Andy planned to take his revenge on his rival by shooting him. He told Josh that he had bought a gun, as he believed prison was too good for Brax.[14] Speaking wholesale nfl jerseys to an Inside Soap reporter, Gallagher said Josh did not think Andy shooting Brax was a good idea because he would end up going to prison himself.
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