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RuneScape - Prices of expensive items begin to fall

geschrieben von MMOgrfy 
RuneScape - Prices of expensive items begin to fall
20.01.2022 08:39:36
Whips are falling and OSRS gold furys are colliding with the Dfs. These are only a few observations I've made in the last few days. Other items appear to be going down at a faster rate than usual. The bgs is crashing like a mo fo too. Are i seeing things or is there some reason for these expensive armours and weapons to be crashing? Sharks, too, are sinking quite fast, so i don't think it's just temporary things. What do you think?

The reason prices fluctuate is because they are in this case crashing. The people now are pking fury-s and DFS-s. They are loot, and then people are selling them, when they have more than demand, the price will drop. There are a few items that drop Look at the reward for the clue scroll, most of them rised quite a bit higher than before. Some dropped, eg. rane god armors.

Prices of expensive items begin to fall because gamers sell them to pay for pking armors. This happened after the New Old Wildy was released. BGS fell a lot as a result of I believe you need to be aware of the reasons. (Weak specs which uses all of the energy that is spec in case you didn't realize) There are fishies too, it's not just an F2P update similar to what Charizard claimed. P2P also have them, causing the fishies price to crash. They also have P2P bots.

High-priced armour is being destroyed due to the fact that they're not destroyed when they die in PvP any more. If someone kills a player with Bandos or somethingelse, they'll sell it , as they don't really need it. Prior to the Bounty Hunter thing the armour would have been destroyed and replaced by a meagre amount of cash. With Wildy PKing, costly armour doesn't get destroyed, they simply get handed over to the PKer who was victorious.

DFS is experiencing a crash due to DDef. Godswords/whips have been crashing due the increase in people who are getting Chaotics (been one year since the Dg's release Dg today) Everything else is down due to cheap OSRS GP the huge number of BOTS. Sorceress Garden bots have destroyed the prices of herbs.
Re: RuneScape - Prices of expensive items begin to fall
15.04.2022 01:39:18
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