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but thomas himself was also to blame

geschrieben von zhangzk 
but thomas himself was also to blame
25.02.2020 14:43:24
but thomas himself was also to blameJust watched the great Federer Nadal Australian Open final and loved it for all of the reasons we know. I hadn watched Nadal for a while and was struck (again) by this: why does no one ever mention his I never understood why people have gotten all hot and bothered about the on the women side, which has never bothered me in the wholesale Carolina Panthers team jerseys slightest: it sports, carolina panthers jerseys cheap it brutal work wholesale jerseys China who cares? But no one ever mentions, at least that I ever seen, that Nadal screams like a maniac on every stroke. Why the double standard? Or is it just obvious?The half full answer: we draw a distinction between grunting as tactic and grunting as byproduct of exertion.
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