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]Steve Largent Seahawks Jersey

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]Steve Largent Seahawks Jersey
28.04.2018 05:34:50
LONDON Athletics Yonder Alonso Jersey , April 14 (Xinhua) -- The British drug company GlaxoSmithKline(GSK) said on Monday that it was "co-operating fully" with Polish government's investigation after British media accusing it of paying bribes to Polish doctors.

Polish doctors were paid, under the mask of "educational services," to promote GSK's asthma drug Seretide between 2010 and 2012, BBC's current affairs television program Panorama exposed on Monday.

Eleven doctors and a GSK regional manager have been charged over alleged corruption by the local prosecutor.

The public prosecutor of the Polish region of Lodz found evidence in documents given to doctors by GSK to support claims of corrupt payments in more than a dozen different health centers where there was no evidence "patient education" had taken place, the BBC program said.

A statement issued by GSK alleged that the company ran a program to "assist in improving diagnostic standards and medical training" from 2010 to 2012 in Poland.

These sessions were delivered by specialist healthcare professionals who received "payments appropriate to the scope of work as well as their level of knowledge and experience."

"Following receipt of allegations in 2011 regarding the conduct of the programme in the Lodz region Athletics Walt Weiss Jersey , GSK has investigated the matter ... The investigation found evidence of inappropriate communication in contravention of GSK policy by a single employee. The employee concerned was reprimanded and disciplined in 2011," it said

"We continue to investigate these matters and are co-operating fully with the CBA (Poland's Central Anticorruption Office)," it added.

Poland has become the latest country in a string of bribery claims to hit GSK as it faces legal action for allegedly paying doctors in the country to prescribe its drugs.

GSK said last week that it was "looking into accusations" that its Iraqi business had hired government-employed doctors and pharmacists to act as paid sales reps for the company.

A NEW national draft regulation has kicked up a storm as it seeks to ban customers with sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS and other infectious skin diseases from entering bath houses, foot massage parlours Athletics Trevor Plouffe Jersey , therapeutic hot springs or spas.

According to the regulation being drafted by the Ministry of Commerce, all business houses providing the services will have to install signs that ban people with the diseases.

People suffering from hypertension, heart diseases and alcoholics will also not be welcome, according to the draft.

But medical experts have slammed the planned move as discriminatory, saying the HIV virus that causes AIDS does not spread through public bathing facilities or spas.

Industry officials also said that the new regulations are not feasible as it is impossible for them to identify an AIDS patient by appearance only.

The draft Athletics Tony Phillips Jersey , which is intended to regulate the business and protect the rights of the owners and customers, has strict and detailed clauses on the responsibility of business owners, who could face a fine of up to 30,000 yuan (US$4,839).

The Ministry of Commerce is seeking opinion from the public until November 11.

Lu Hongzhou Athletics Terry Steinbach Jersey , vice president of Shanghai Public Health Center and a leading AIDS expert, said: “Banning AIDS patients from using public bathing facilities and installing such a sign outside the facilities will only lead to more misunderstandings about AIDS and AIDS patients.”

Experts say no epidemiological studies have shown that people can be infected with the HIV virus just by going to bath houses. HIV virus dies soon after leaving the infected person’s body and the virus can hardly survive in the warm temperatures in bath houses.

Zhou Yanqin, vice director of Shanghai Health Supervision Agency, said the nation’s infectious disease prevention and control law, and regulation on the health of public place Athletics Stephen Vogt Jersey , have indicated that public bathing places should install signs banning people with STD and infectious skin disease from entering the facilities.

“AIDS patient is not clarified by the law and regulation and these signs are only a kind of warning without detailed clauses for inspection and punishment,” she said.

In fact, unprotected sex is the top vehicle of the spread of HIV virus in China, experts said.

About 90 percent of the HIVAIDS cases reported in China over the past 10 years were through sexual contact, an official from the HIVAIDS division of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention said in August.

About 70 percent of new cases reported in June came from heterosexual sex Athletics Sonny Gray Jersey , and 20 percent from homosexual sex.

China had over 492,000 registered HIVAIDS patients by October last year.

But health authorities estimate the actual number could be as high as 780,000 people, implying that a large number of cases go undetected in China.

Idea of colorful LED signs had came into existence after 1962, when a famous scientist named Junior Nick Holonyak developed the visible spectrum-based LED light for the first time in red color. This proved to be a leap forward from white lights used during old days.

During these succeeding years Athletics Sean Doolittle Jersey , many other technological experts and researchers of the sector, like T. P. Pearsall and M. George have brought many new advances in the technique associated with light emitting diodes, like high-brightness lights, yellow lights, green lights and high efficiency lights available for optical fiber communications. Introduction of LEDs in different colors have resulted in the launch of LED traffic sign systems.

If you look over the scenario of light emitting diode applications Athletics Santiago Casilla Jersey , you will find that LEDs do not have remained in practical application until the year 1968. This is so; LEDs were available at too much expensive rate, in which individual units cost about hundreds or thousands of dollars.

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