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28.04.2018 05:34:06
There are various reasons why students decide to major in a certain subject. It could be due to the great prospects that come with the degree or their passion. For one reason or the other Kent Tekulve Jersey , some degrees seem attract much more interest from students and below we will be highlighting the top 10 most popular bachelor degrees for the year 2014.

1. Business Administration and Management
Business administration and management has always been one of the most popular bachelor degrees and will still continue with its reign in 2014. The degree comes with various areas of study including finance and accounting, statistics, human resources, marketing and economics as well. The major is highly competitive and one of the reasons why it is so popular is due to its vast career opportunities.

2. Psychology
Psychology is the second most popular bachelor's degree and its popularity is increasing. This major focuses on the human mind and behavior. It's all about delving into the human brain and these professionals seek to resolve problems that people go through either socially and psychologically.

3. Nursing
Nursing is one of the careers that have great prospects in the future. Nursing majors can work in different medical fields including obstetrics, neurology Jung-ho Kang Jersey , pediatrics and geriatrics, just to mention a few. The pay is great and so is career growth.

4. Biological Sciences
If you are looking for a major to pursue in 2014, you might want to try out biological sciences. Biology covers a wide array of studies including plants and animals, the environment and human biology as well. This bachelor's degree is a growing field that comes with a good pay package and career growth.

5. Education
Education has always been one of the top majors to pursue. Its ranking may have gone down but this doesn't mean that it isn't one of the most popular bachelor degrees for 2014. The course work is all about teaching and depending on your specialization this may very well be a highly lucrative major.

6. English Literature
Just like education, this is a major that has been popular for a number of years. The coursework involves analyzing the English language Josh Harrison Jersey , world of literature, writing and history. The degree could prepare you for various career paths including journalism, law and publishing just to mention a few.

7. Economics
Economics is a great major to pursue in 2014 and its popularity is rising. This major is heavily inclined toward mathematics and critical thinking. The job prospects are great especially in this day and age.
8. Communication Studies
The popularity of communication studies is slipping down. However this is still a great major to pursue especially since the world of communication seems to be undergoing major changes due to technology and social media. The degree could prepare you for various employment avenues including advertising, business, media John Jaso Jersey , education, social sciences and government just to mention a few.

9. Political Science
A bachelor's degree political science is an excellent major to pursue in 2014 and one of the most popular as well. However, it entails a lot of studying and requires excellent understanding of history, culture and critical thinking. The degree concentrates on public policy, political philosophy Gregory Polanco Jersey , American government and foreign affairs amongst others.

10. Computer and Information Science
This list would be incomplete without, computer and information science. The world is all about technology and this degree not only comes with great career prospects, but job security as well.

BEIJING, April 19 (Xinhua) -- China's central bank on Sunday decided to lower the reserve requirement ratio (RRR), the minimum level of reserves banks must hold Gerrit Cole Jersey , by one percentage point effective from Monday.

The move aims to "boost structural adjustment," the People's Bank of China (PBOC) said, adding it will give an additional one-percentage-point RRR cut to banks engaged in lending to small firms, the farming sector and major water projects.

The Agricultural Development Bank of China, the sole policy lender for agriculture Francisco Cervelli Jersey , gets an RRR reduction of 2 percentage points.

The central bank will further lower RRR by 0.5 percentage point for state-owned banks and joint-equity commercial banks that have met the authority's criteria for lending to agricultural sector or small- and micro- enterprises, though the central bank does not specify what constitutes the criteria.

This is the second time that the central bank has adopted an across-the-board RRR cut plus targeted cuts following a similar move on Feb. 4.

After the latest change, big banks must hold 18.5 percent of their deposits in reserve. According to estimates by some Chinese institutions, the RRR cut could free up 1.3 trillion yuan (212.2 billion U.S. dollars) into the real economy.

Sunday's RRR cut was within market expectations following lackluster economic performance in the first quarter.

Xu Hongcai, director of the Department of Information under China Center for International Economic Exchanges Drew Hutchison Jersey , considers the move "timely."

China's gross domestic product (GDP) gro

Exports Dave Parker Jersey , one of the three traditional drivers of the Chinese economy, fell 15 percent year-on-year in March.X Besides the RRR cuts, the PBOC has lowered benchmark interest rates twice since November as the economic growth last year m.
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