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MapleStory Blitz Upgraded With Zakum's Altar

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MapleStory Blitz Upgraded With Zakum's Altar
26.04.2018 03:35:23
The cellular trading game, Maplestory Mesos, has been updated with brand-new content, this time including Zakum's Altar, which adds all new dungeons and extra collectible cards to the game. South Korean publisher and developer Nexon declared that there are currently 36 original cards added to MapleStory Blitz. These cards can only be found from the brand new dungeon areas, so players will be made to explore and fight their way to obtaining the nascent content.

In addition to the cards as well as the dungeon, there is also news that Nexon has shortened the rated match season from one month all the way down to two weeks. They do not say why they changed it, but I imagine kids with short attention spans are more likely to take part in the seasonal challenges if they're shorter compared to when they were more. I mean they gotta keep the kiddies pouring money into the cash shops, right? Outside of the dungeons in addition, there are some new challenges and events for standard play.

To help players adjust to the new cards and also get familiar with the new strategies, there are a number of new conflict guides to assist players formulate tactical strategies against PvE and PvP opponents. The community likes some of the new features but they certainly despise the new Zakum dungeon since they've complained that because of the constant lag it has made it really difficult to finish the dungeon.

Nexon has suggested people to restart the program and close out other apps to decrease the potential lag during play or to contact customer service. The 4ms2 game seems to be pretty popular with the Southeast Asians, but that's probably because that is where Nexon was focusing on their efforts.
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