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Pokemon Go Plus Autocatch

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Pokemon Go Plus Autocatch
22.07.2021 17:03:05
The Pokemon GO Plus has landed, and now eager trainers can capture Pokemon or track steps without draining the battery on your smartphone.

This small wrist-strap wearable connects to your Pokemon GO profile, and with a simple press of the blinking red button, you can attempt to capture nearby Pokemon or just let it alert you so you can hop into the main app yourself.

While there’s plenty we know about the Pokemon GO Plus, there’s even more fans are learning together. See if the Pokemon Go Plus Autocatch is the right wearable for you check out our FAQ below and get all your questions answered.

The Pokemon GO Plus is a small device (with included wrist-strap) that enhances your Pokemon GO experience. It allows you to play and enjoy many of the features of Pokemon GO without using your smartphone. That means you’ll be able to walk, jog, or explore without checking your Pokemon GO app.
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