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Datang Yipin

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Datang Yipin
17.10.2022 08:56:54
Li yuan, this regret! He guessed all the actions of Lu Zhaoci, but he did not guess that Lu Zhaoci would rebel, and he still used this method. Li yuan hates this! He hated not only himself, but also his three sons. He hated himself for not getting rid of Lu Zhaoci earlier, which led to today's disaster, and he hated his three sons. You three people fight, that is also the struggle between brothers, did not expect to be aggressive to the situation of knives and guns, life and death fight ah! Dumplings were made by others in an instant, and by the time he died, he had not yet gained a good reputation. Li Shimin, the king of Qin, plotted to rebel and killed the prince and the king of Qi. I ordered General Lu Zhaoci to clean up the rest of the party. All the civil and military officials in the capital were under his rule. Qin Ci. Shuda, you go to announce the decree! Li yuan's face was pale, his eyes were closed, and he said with a cold hum. Chen Shuda, who was beside him, hurriedly drafted the imperial edict, and after ordering people to use the imperial seal, Fang followed Yuchi Gong to announce the edict without mentioning it. The rebellious son, the rebellious son, the Tang Dynasty was defeated by him. Behind Wei Chi Gong, Li yuan hit him hard on his thigh, but he hated him very much. Obviously, he attributed all these sins to Li Shimin. He thought that if Li Shimin had not been ambushed at Xuanwu Gate, how could Lu Zhaoci have caught this opportunity to catch all Li's lineages. Indeed, as Chang He said, after Chen Shuda arrived with the imperial edict. The guards of the Prince's Mansion stopped attacking the Xuanwu Gate in an instant. When Lu Zhaoci was about to breathe a sigh of relief, someone at the gate suddenly shouted, "If the King of Qin kills the Prince, the mansion will be empty. Go and take the Prince's Mansion to avenge your Highness." There was a whistling sound,a333 grade 6 pipe, and suddenly thousands of military forces were killed in the past by the Prince of Qin. As soon as Chen Shuda's face changed, he tugged at Lu Zhaoci's sleeve and prayed, "General, although the king of Qin has brought about his own destruction, he is a royal nobleman after all. Once these soldiers and ruffians capture the palace of the king of Qin, they will surely kill the noblemen of the imperial family and damage the face of the royal family. Please stop him." "General, you won this time." At this time, Cheng Yaojin, who was captured on one side, also said, "As long as the general can not keep a trace of the blood of the King of Qin, I, Cheng Yaojin, am willing to defect." This Cheng Yaojin is also a thick and thin character, just saw Lu Zhaoci only killed Li Shimin and did not kill himself and others, naturally know Lu Zhaoci's mind, but under, uns c68700 ,316ti stainless steel, had to say it himself. As long as the general can guarantee the blood of the king of Qin, Qin Qiong is also willing to defect. Then Qin Qiong, Zhang Gongjin and other military commanders of the Prince of Qin also spoke one after another. These people are feeling Li Shimin's feelings, in order to save Li Shimin a trace of blood, had to defect. OK With a smile on his face, Lu Zhaoci said, "It is a blessing for me, Lu Zhaoci, as well as for the imperial court, to have all the generals submit.". Jingde, take the generals down to rest first. Zhao Ying ordered the army of Zuo Yiwei to close all the gates of Chang'an. The army moved to the palace of the Prince of Qin to suppress the rebellion, and those who resisted were beheaded. "Yes!" Lu Zhaoying black face rose red, did not expect things to go so smoothly, in one fell swoop to kill three people here, you can see, from now on Lushi will go to the front stage of history. Lu Zhaoying is not in a proud mood. Seeing this, Qin Qiong and others sighed deeply and followed Wei Chi Gong to rest in the nearby Linhu Palace. One side of Chen Shuda opened clearly, and saw that Lu Zhaoci had taken the military commanders in the palace of the Prince of Qin as his own, his face changed slightly, his mouth opened, but he did not speak. Just gently looked back and stood, one step away from Lu Zhaoci. He knew that from today on, the young general would no longer be a general. Perhaps it is possible to move towards a position that everyone in the world yearns for. He can come to this point today, dressed in Zhu Zi, not only because of his talent and family background, but also because he knows the ups and downs of the official sea, can know how to stand in line. How is the father feeling? Chen Shuda was in a daze when suddenly Lu Zhaoci's question came softly in his ear. Father? Chen Shuda's expression was stupefied, and then he remembered that Lu Zhaoci had another identity. That was Li yuan's son-in-law. Thinking of this, he hurriedly said, "Your Majesty is in good health. It's time to go back to the Taiji Palace.". The general is going to see His Majesty? "Now even if, Changan city has not yet stabilized, to be stabilized to see again is not too late.".
"Lu Zhaoci sighed deeply." Get out of the way, get out of the way, let Lu Zhaoci come to see the palace. Suddenly a cold voice came over. Chen Shuda glanced at it secretly. Who was it if it wasn't Princess Pingyang? He complained to himself and was waiting to leave. Lord Chen is the best here. Please tell Princess Pingyang about the rebellion of the King of Qin. Lu Zhaoci's slightly cold voice suddenly came to my ears. This Chen Shuda's old face stiffened and his face showed a trace of embarrassment. Everyone knows why Li Xiuning came to find Lu Zhaoci at this time. But there is no way, at this time, who knows what Lu Zhaoci thought in his heart. Is it to force Li yuan to abdicate or to do Cao Cao's thing. No matter how, can not escape a fact, that is, after the Tang Dynasty has entered the era of Lu Zhaoci. Lu Zhaoci was in charge of all the affairs in the court. Chen Shuda cannot offend this person, one emperor and one courtier, this truth, Chen Shuda is still very clear. The old minister has seen the princess. Chen Shuda had no choice but to go over to Princess Pingyang and worship respectfully. Lord Chen, are you involved in this matter? Princess Pingyang's eyes were red. She lived in the palace. As soon as she heard ShaSheng, she was ready to dispatch the imperial guards. But she found that Ma Sanbao and He Panren, who were usually respectful to themselves, turned a blind eye to their orders. Instead, they put themselves under house arrest in the palace. When the overall situation was decided, they released themselves. She was so alert that she ordered a palace guard at random and made the matter clear in general. She didn't believe that it was her lover who had made this situation. Princess, your majesty has issued an imperial edict, the king of Qin is treacherous, kill his brother, to abolish the position of the king of Qin,uns s32750 sheet, and at the same time ordered the general to take charge of everything in the capital. Chen Shuda said cautiously, "Your Highness, the situation has been decided." 。 lksteelpipe.com
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