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Kill the devil and seek the way
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Kill the devil and seek the way

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Kill the devil and seek the way
17.10.2022 08:28:34
The Taoist laughed and said, "You only know one thing, but you don't know the other.". In Wudang's wonderful books, there are two unique skills, one is the palm move, and the other is the wonderful'Jiulong serial footwork 'of Wulin. Have you ever practiced this footwork? Duan Ling shook his head in bewilderment. The Taoist Priest then said, "Your ancestor really loves you deeply. Why did he spend five years of painstaking efforts to bring you the inner alchemy of the ten-thousand-year-old golden tortoise in Taihu Lake? You still have to teach him excellent internal skills and skills. Now there is little difference between him and Mou Kun. But the disadvantage is that Mou Kun knows this footwork and cooperates with the palm, so he wins you." Duan Ling frowned and thought, "Isn't this a real Wudang book?" The Taoist Priest nodded and said, "The real book is now in Wudang Mountain." "So the seventy-six types of Dragon and Tiger Xuanyang Palm listed in the book we have learned are not true?" Duan Ling asked in puzzlement. The Taoist priest shook his head and said, "That's a very real 76-style Xuanyang palm. There are quite a few moves." Ignoring the Taoist Priest, Duan Ling bent down to pick up a pebble from the ground and threw it into the pool with his hand. With a sound of "Ding Dong", there were ripples. He stared at the water waves layer by layer, as if to himself or as if to ask the Taoist Priest: "Since Wudang Mountain has Wudang wonderful books, why has no one been able to learn this stunt for more than ten years with the ability of the four heroes of Wudang! To subdue Mou Kun? The Taoist said with a deep sigh, "You're right. It's a pity that the unique skills in Wudang's wonderful books are incomplete." Duan Ling turned his head and said, "The old-timer's words make me a little confused." The Taoist Priest replied with a slight sigh, "You will understand this matter in the future. Now I tell you the truth, and it's hard for you to see the letter. In the future.." One day you will understand. Only then did Duan Ling understand that he was extremely glad that the book in his bosom and the palm method listed in it were absolutely true. He only secretly lamented that the footwork included in it, otherwise, he could really match Mou Kunzhu. He was obviously absorbed in thought, with a smug smile on his lips and a wave of water in his eyes. With a clear cough from the Taoist, Duan Lingmeng looked up and moved his eyes to the Taoist's face, showing some surprise. The old Taoist twirled his grey beard and said with a smile, "There are only three people in the whole world who can subdue Mou Kun. There are only two people in front of us." Duan Ling raised his eyes to search, but the four fields were silent. There was no one else except himself and Lao Dao. He immediately frowned and asked in puzzlement, "Does the elder refer to the younger generation and you?" "Exactly"! Duan Ling shook his head and said, "Mou Kun is a strong man. I'm not saying I can't beat him. At least, at present, I'm no match for him.." A little incredulous, he looked at the Taoist Priest and murmured, "The younger generation and you can't beat Mou Kun, unless the old Taoist Priest Lingzhen reappears in the world. Alas!"! It's a pity that the old Taoist priest has already become an immortal! The Taoist smiled and said nothing. After a pause, he laughed at himself and said, "No wonder!"! No wonder! It seems that Mou Kun's martial arts are the first in the world today. Duan Ling was silent and looked very depressed. The old Taoist suddenly laughed and said, "Although the poor Taoist is not helpful, little benefactor, you can try to go to Wudang and learn that kind of footwork from them, and then verify the palm. After only two or three years, digital whiteboard price , you will win Mou Kun." As soon as Duan Ling's eyes brightened, he looked up at the old Taoist priest in high spirits. Then he bowed his head and sighed. He shook his head and said, "My grandfather warned me that in this life, the younger generation will never be allowed to associate with the Wudang Sect. The younger generation will not dare to go against the lesson and become unfilial.".
” The Taoist Priest pondered and sighed in a low voice, "That's no wonder, your ancestor. But I have a word that is not pleasant to the ear. I would like to advise the little benefactor that a real man should live in the world. In your age, you should set great ambitions, plead for the well-being of all the people in the world, and do some magnificent things. Although your ancestor's admonition should be respected and followed, the word" association "has a very broad meaning. Why don't you think twice, little benefactor? The "association" your ancestor refers to must be forbidding you to hold the authentic Wudang wonderful book in your bosom and ask for the exchange of Jiulong serial footwork. If the little benefactor can go to Wudang to ask for skills and plead for Wulin with the attitude of asking for advice, how can he have the reality of association? In the future, he will become famous all over the world. How can your ancestor be blamed? Moved by this, Duan Ling took a closer look at the Taoist Priest. A lot of question marks rose in his heart. He asked in his heart, "Is he that superior?"? How does he know that I have a wonderful book of Wudang in my arms? And why do you know so much about this matter? As the saying goes, a man who has been wise all his life is ignorant for a while. He is such a wise man that he only thinks of these questions at this moment. At this moment, he is not afraid of being laughed at by the Taoist. He blushed and said, "The younger generation has several things to ask for advice. Please give me some advice." The Taoist smiled and nodded his head, as if he knew what he wanted to ask. He said, "The old man told him the things you wanted to say one by one. You doubt why the poor Taoist knows that you have a wonderful book of Wudang in your arms. This is very easy. The poor Taoist just healed you.." With a cry of "ah", Duan Ling eagerly reached into his bosom and found that the wonderful book was placed in his bosom. Immediately, his heart was like a heavy stone falling from his heart. His face was wide, and his handsome face was covered with an embarrassed smile. The Taoist Priest nodded disapprovingly and said, "Actually, I have been in seclusion for decades, and I have forgotten my real name. Don't pursue me any more. As for why I know so much about the origin and development of Wudang's wonderful books, this is because I have a little relationship with Wudang. Listen to an old friend. You can't doubt that you can't let it go. Another point is that the source of your book will come to light in the future." You'll know. Duan Ling more than surprised, secretly really admire the old Taoist Taoist Gao Degu, can see through people's minds at a glance, to increase a little more trust in the old Taoist Taoist, but the life experience of the words, still think it is nonsense. The Taoist Priest paused for a moment, then replied with a smile, "The words of the Taoist Priest come from the bowels and lungs. In ancient times, he has made great achievements.". Of course, I rely on my own intelligence and wisdom, but the most important thing is to grasp the opportunity and be able to change. As long as you persevere, nothing can be done. On the one hand, the little benefactor certainly wants to be intimate with his parents in order to fulfill his filial piety. On the other hand, he can't forget his duty. Besides, if you do this, it may be of greater benefit to your parents. How can you say that you are not filial? "The parents of the younger generation died when they were young," said Duan Lingpao. "How can this be of great benefit to the parents of the younger generation?" "Life and death," said the Taoist with a smile! The first difficulty is that some people are worse off than dead, and some people are still alive even though they are dead. Little benefactor, how can you make a conclusion? 。 hsdtouch.com
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