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The Counterattack of the Cannon Fodder Female Partner of Quick Wear

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The Counterattack of the Cannon Fodder Female Partner of Quick Wear
17.10.2022 08:50:11
Xi Mucheng's expression is indifferent, "short-sighted, women have long hair and short knowledge, some cooperation cases can not see the benefits now, but the future of the company has rich and unimaginable returns." Ning Shu:.. Ning Shu was very convinced that Xi Mucheng was talking nonsense with a straight face. Ning Shu shrugged his shoulders and said brazenly, "I'm not willing to invest. I'm short-sighted. I don't pass the cooperation case. I don't give money. What can you do to me?" Bite me! Jump up and bite me. Xi Mucheng's eyes flashed and he said, "You said the old man is not suitable to be visited now. Why is the servant in the old man's ward?" "Take care of the old man, of course." Ning Shu and Xi Mucheng looked at each other, "when did you care about such a little servant?" "It's not that I care, but that Sinan misses the sweet osmanthus fermented glutinous rice balls made by the servant and asks her to come back and make them for my niece." "It's important to take care of the old man. Sinan can't die without eating for a day." When Xi Mucheng heard Ning Shu say this, his eyes were sharp. He sneered and said, "Shi Sinan is your daughter, but you don't care about her at all. I wonder if she is your daughter." "It's none of your business whether it's my daughter or not." Xi Mucheng's heart became more and more confused, and he felt more and more that he had fallen into a trap. Xi Mucheng still wanted to speak, but his cell phone rang suddenly, and Xi Mucheng glanced coldly at Ning Shu and connected the phone. As soon as he heard what was on the phone, Xi Mucheng's face suddenly became gloomy and terrible. He turned to look at Ning Shu and said coldly to Ning Shu, "Very good, very good." His energy company is going to be reviewed again. This is what the woman in front of him did. He said he wanted to invest in the company, and someone immediately reported the company. This company was originally Xi Mucheng temporary establishment, the purpose is to pay from the company, even if the end,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, for Xi Mucheng, there is no loss at all. But this slap in the face of Xi Mucheng, let the arrogant Xi Mucheng feel that dignity has been trampled on. Xi Mucheng's eyes with the intention to kill, at the same time is the look, alert to look at Ning Shu. Ning Shu tilted his head. "What are you talking about? I don't understand." Xi Mucheng turned around and went out of the conference room, went directly to the company garage, and stepped on the accelerator to go back to the villa. Ning Shu watched Xi Mucheng walk away with great anger and a smile. She hadn't seen her daughter for some time, so she had to go back and see how her daughter was? Ning Shu drove back to the villa,gear reduction motor, Xi Mucheng's car parked in front of the villa, Ning Shu walked into the living room and saw all Xi Mucheng pressing on Sinan's body, pinching Sinan's neck with one hand. "What is the plot between you and your family?" Said Xi Mucheng in a sinister way. When Sinan was pinched by Xi Mucheng, tears flowed down the corners of her eyes, and she had no idea what her uncle was talking about. As soon as his uncle came back, he pinched her neck and looked at the suspicion and suspicion on his uncle's face, when Sinan's heart was as painful as torn. Some time ago, the good times were like a dream. Xi Mucheng looked at Sinan's innocent appearance and felt a pain in his heart, but he also thought that she had attracted his attention by relying on this appearance. Even though he was now angry and wanted to strangle her, his body was restless, and he wanted to let the woman breathe under his own body, tear her apart, and possess her. I don't know what to do with her. Xi Mucheng's lower abdomen is now tight, pinching Sinan's hand can not help but relax, when Sinan immediately exhaled, Micro Gear Motor ,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, coughing violently. Seeing Sinan breathing the air, Xi Mucheng pinched her neck again, making Sinan's face turn red. When Sinan's eyes were blank and innocent, he looked at Xi Mucheng inconsolably and did not resist at all. Ning Shu:.. Mental illness. Ning Shu went over and pushed Xi Mucheng away from Sinan, who was breathing heavily. When Sinan saw Ning Shu, he immediately hugged Ning Shu and cried out with grievance, "Mom.." Ning Shu pushed away when Sinan, looked at when Sinan, the heart can not help but want to laugh, now when Sinan became a lot of plump, fat arms, thick thighs. Now she was wearing loose pajamas, showing her calves, and her calves were thick, so her legs were short.
Now Sinan is the former two thick, slightly swollen face, there is oil on the face, not the former sweet and moving smile of the little girl. One white covers three ugliness, one high covers five ugliness, one rich covers a hundred ugliness and one fat destroys everything. Shi Sinan will only get fatter and fatter. Ning Shu did not look at Sinan, turned to look at Xi Mucheng, "why did you start on Sinan, do you want to fight?" Shi Sinan immediately stood in front of Ning Shu and said hoarsely to Ning Shu, "Mom, don't fight. If you have something to say, say it well." Ning Shu stared at Sinan bandits, Yi thought to blink, Sinan's neck and red pinch marks, a face of congestion has not disappeared, this forgot Xi Mucheng just fiercely pinched her neck. Is there only seven seconds of memory? Ning Shu wants to kneel down and write the word "Fu". Xi Mucheng is fierce to her again, she forgets reflexively. This, this, this.. Ning Shu did not know what to say, thousands of words can not express Ning Shu now complex mood. Ning Shu felt a little ashamed of herself in the light of the Holy Mother of Sinan. Mom, if you have something to say, I don't want you to fight. Shi Sinan said again, his eyes were pitiful, but with some bigger faces, Ning Shu could not bear to look directly at them. I'm fine, I can hold back, as long as everyone is well, I'm fine with a little grievance. Xi Mucheng looked at Sinan with complicated eyes. She was really a silly girl. At that time, the family members were all sinister and cunning, but this girl was so pure and silly that people were distressed. Xi Mucheng's face was changeable, full of murderous look for a while, and hesitant for a while. Xi Mucheng really did not know what to do with her, Xi Mucheng wanted to kill her, but the heart slightly pulled pain,12v High Torque Motor, and this woman is very attractive to him. Now he felt sick from below, frantically trying to press the woman under him, and his proud self-control disappeared at the sight of her. ichgearmotor.com
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12.11.2022 02:52:00
Re: The Counterattack of the Cannon Fodder Female Partner of Quick Wear
11.12.2022 05:04:54
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