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Break the sky

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Break the sky
17.10.2022 08:49:13
They took advantage of the battle gap, looked at each other, all from each other's eyes to see a touch of hidden joy, it seems that today's war, they will gradually turn to the upper hand, as long as Xiao Yan and the teacher will join hands to kill Yunshan, then this Yunlan Zong, nature is self-defeating, in the future, want to become a climate again, it will be difficult. Compared with the joy of Haibodong and others, the hearts of many disciples and elders of Yunlan Sect sank a lot at this moment, especially when Yunshan actually vomited blood and retreated, a sense of uneasiness quickly emerged in my heart. As the pillar of Yunlan Sect, if Yunshan was defeated today, it would be a big blow to the morale of Yun Lan Sect. As for the different emotions of the two parties, Yunshan naturally had no time to pay attention to them. At the moment, his eyes were staring at the old figure suspended beside Xiao Yan. After a moment, he slowly wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth. His voice was cold: "At that time, I faintly sensed that this guy's power was a little strange. Now I just know that that power is yours." In the sky, Yao Lao glanced lightly at Yunshan below and said with a faint smile, "My student, how can you abuse and bully at will?"? A small Dou Zong, if in those days, I only need a word, you this Yun Lan Zong is to be removed from the mainland of Dou Qi. Medicine old these words, but also not exaggerated scare, think of his reputation on the mainland, ordinary Dou Zun strong,Edible oil filling machine, almost no one can match it, and its popularity is very good, make friends with a wide range, there is no lack of some strength is not inferior to him, friendship and very iron super strong, although Yunlan Zong has a Dou Zong strong, but for the medicine old at that time, Also really is not how to put in the heart. Ben Zun? Yao Lao's name, immediately let Yunshan eye pupil slightly shrink, this name,bottle blowing machine, but only Dou Zun strong side is qualified to call, that is to say, in front of this old guy, was actually a Dou Zun strong? The shock in the heart continued for a moment, that is, slowly faded away, no matter how tough the old medicine was, but now he is only a soul body, the fighting capacity he can play is less than 50% of the peak moment, there is no need to be too afraid, and this person, he does not have to make a move, someone will clean up. Just a soul body, also dare to be so arrogant, since you dare to appear, so today, also even Xiao Yan, stay together. Yunshan smiled and said. By you? The old medicine slowly passed through the tunnel, and the white flame of the forest, as if it had spirituality, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,water bottling line, kept circling up and down its body. Hey hey, you, naturally someone will clean up, and he has been waiting for you for a long time. "Yunshan laughed and immediately clapped his hands, and the clear sound slowly echoed in the sky." Dharma Protector, this man will be handed over to you. As the sound of Yunshan fell, a large black fog suddenly poured out of the main hall of Yunlan Zong below. The black fog quickly condensed in the sky, and finally turned into a deep and long fog. Xiao Yan and Yao Lao looked at the emergence of the black fog, the face coincidentally became dignified up, this damn Yunshan old dog, as expected, and the soul temple has colluded, "Teacher, be careful!" Xiao Yan slanted his head to the old medicine and said in a deep voice. Yao Lao nodded slightly, looking at the black fog without blinking, and the white flame that jumped all over his body became much hotter quietly. What is this Black fog emerged in the sky, and the disciples of the Yunlan family below suddenly had some commotion. Their eyes were filled with surprise and suspicion. They had not found out when such strange people were hidden in the clan.
At Xitai, Yunyun also looked at the black fog with a pretty face in shock. From the way this guy appeared, we could know that it was not a good thing, but why did he appear in Yunlan Zong? Why have you never heard anyone mention it before? In her mind, she felt a little uneasy. What is the origin of this mysterious force called "Soul Temple"? When did Yunshan get in touch with them? The sudden change also made Haibodong and others look slightly ugly. They could feel the extraordinary black fog faintly, and the most important thing was that this strange guy was obviously standing on the other side of Yunshan Mountain. In this way, the advantage of their side could be completely offset. "Who the hell is this guy?" A palm will be in front of the Yunlan family Dou Huang strong shock again and again back, plus Xing Tian to the nearby Haibo East sink a voice to shout a way. I do not know Haibo Dong shook his head and immediately launched a fierce attack on the strong Dou Huang who was constantly pestering him: "The situation has changed. Hurry to solve the opponent, and then join hands to attack Yunshan!" Smell speech, plus day, law, such as mammoth is also a heavy nod, to such an urgent moment, also dare not have left, vigorous fighting spirit to play to the acme, in front of the opponent, launched a fierce offensive, and in the crowd under the offensive, those cloud Lan Zong elders suddenly fell into the downwind, losing ground, during which there are some weak strength, the first to be killed on the spot, But before they died, they also gave each other a dying blow, which also caused a lot of damage. All of a sudden, this chaotic battlefield became unusually hot and intense. As for the thoughts of the people, the black fog naturally did not take into account, the black fog lingered, and the strange laughter of the shade came out, echoing in the sky like crows. Jie Jie, medicine dust, I didn't think you really sent yourself to the door, when you were lucky to escape, but the cost of my soul temple is not careful. If I catch you today, I'm afraid I'll make the Lord of the temple overjoyed. "A group of monsters like rats, when you helped Han Feng that beast to me, such a debt, we also have a good calculation today!" Yao Lao gazed coldly at the black fog known as the Dharma Protector, and his voice was filled with anger and murderous intent. You have the body, this Dharma Protector may also fear you three points, but for the soul body, Jie Jie, I have plenty of means to clean you up.. The black fog contracted and fluctuated, and finally, under the gaze of the crowd, slowly condensed into a figure shrouded in deep black smoke,PET blow moulding machine, faintly, with a pair of slightly red eyes, emerging from the deep darkness. gzxilinear.com
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