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After wearing the book, I have four overbearing sisters.
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After wearing the book, I have four overbearing sisters.

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After wearing the book, I have four overbearing sisters.
13.10.2022 05:35:37
Sheng Ruojuan: ".." Fan Ye laughed as soon as he saw her! Good-looking! Pretty! Want to kiss! Sheng Ruojuan took his hand, "kiss again later, go to the hotel quickly, it's not good to be late." Fan Ye held her hand in his backhand. "My parents must like you." Sheng Ruojuan had a question mark in her mind: After all, there is a gap of eight years between the two, and it is normal for the parents of the other party to be dissatisfied. Anyway, she did her best to listen to fate and see if she and Fan Ye had the fate to accompany each other through this life. She did not say these words to Fan Ye, she always felt that her psychology was more mature than Fan Ye, so some words she hid in her heart. At the Emerald Hotel, as soon as they sat down, they saw a man and a woman coming this way. Both of them are about fifty years old, and both of them look quite good in temperament. They walk valiantly, and are quite confident and calm. Fan Ye took Sheng Ruojuan's hand to meet him, "Dad, Mom, this is Sheng Ruojuan, my girlfriend!" Sheng Ruojuan shouted nervously,outdoor spa manufacturers, "Uncle, aunt!"! Hello, I'm Sheng Ruojuan! Fan Linong said with a smile, "My Fan Ye was not emotionally enlightened until he was 28 years old. Ruojuan, you have made great contributions!"! His mother and I want to thank you very much. His voice is quite rich, and his words are very kind. Sheng Ruojuan breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile,garden jacuzzi tub, "I was lucky enough to meet such a good man as Fan Ye." Fan Ye's mother, Shi Hongfei, took Sheng Ruojuan's hand directly. "Since Xiao Ye told me that he was in love, I have been looking forward to seeing you.". I'm going back to China temporarily today. I really can't wait to see you, so I asked Ono to meet you here. Ruojuan, you should leave your work. If I had known, I would have put up with it and come back for a long vacation to have a good chat with you. Sheng Ruojuan was immediately moved by Fan Ye's mother's words. People's eyes will not deceive people, Shi Hongfei's eyes with a sincere smile, without any prejudice and look, she came with sincerity and affection. Auntie, you are really killing me. If only you could stay a few more days and give me a chance to learn from you and my uncle! When Fan Ye saw his parents' attitude, he immediately breathed a sigh of relief and happily shouted for everyone to sit down and chat. Shi Hongfei patted his son on the shoulder, massage bathtub manufacturers ,outdoor endless pool, "My silly son can't do anything except being interested in computers. Ruojuan, you must be very hard." Fan Ye frowned, "Mom, why did you expose my shortcomings as soon as you came?" Shi Hongfei snorted, "I'm talking to Ruojuan, don't interrupt!" Sheng Ruojuan smiled, "I am the eldest in the family, and I have four younger sisters.". The youngest sister, well, is not very interested except that she likes to lie down. I have experience, so it's okay. As far away as dozens of kilometers, Sheng Kui, who was lying at home, gave a loud cry and rubbed his nose with a depressed face: "Who is speaking ill of me?"? The author has something to say: The little angels can leave a message if there is anything else they want to see. There are few messages recently. Please let me see your little hand waving. I will seriously consider leaving a positive message. Thanks to the little angel who voted for me or irrigated the nutrient solution. Thanks to the little angel who irrigates [nutrient solution]: 30 bottles of flora; Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard! Chapter 065 Shi Hongfei said apologetically, "I want to meet you at the last minute, so I didn't prepare any gifts." Then she withdrew a ruby ring from her finger. "This ring was a gift from Fan Ye's grandmother when I married Fan Ye's father.". I waited twenty-eight years until it was time to give it to the next hostess. Ruojuan, please take it. Sheng Ruojuan immediately covered his mouth with an incredible face. "Really?" Fan Ye smiled stupidly, "Mom, you are so kind!" Fan Linong patted him on the shoulder, "silly son, you have found a good daughter-in-law for us!" Shi Hongfei personally helped Sheng Ruojuan put it on and looked at it carefully. "Beautiful.". Ruojuan's fingers are thin and white, and she looks good with a ruby ring. Sheng Ruojuan was too excited to speak.
She thought that the age difference of eight years was between them, and Fan Ye's parents might have some prejudice against her. Who knew that they were so open-minded and generous that they did not hide their love for her at all. Apart from her parents and four younger sisters, no one had ever been so kind to her. Sheng Ruojuan looked at Fan Ye and his whole heart was warm. This is probably the best arrangement of God. Two old time is limited, the afternoon has to catch a plane back to the resident country, four people almost did not move chopsticks, all chatting. Shi Hongfei inquired about Sheng Ruojuan's work and asked her to pay attention to her health and not to be too tired. He also shouted that Fan Ye should learn to cook soup and pay more attention to his wife's health. Fan Linong asked Sheng Ruojuan about her family. Hearing that her father was a chemistry professor at the university and Fan Ye was a colleague at the same school, he immediately looked respectful and said that scientists were the cornerstone of the country's prosperity. He wanted Fan Ye to do scientific research well and learn from his future father-in-law. Fan Ye's father showed a grand view of the pattern, so that Sheng Ruojuan was very impressed, worthy of being a diplomat, standing at a high angle. Before parting, Shi Hongfei called Fan Ye aside and whispered for a while. Sheng Ruojuan led Fan Linong to the door of the hotel and chatted about the interesting things about Fan Ye's childhood. It was a car with a diplomatic license plate. Fan Linong said with a smile, "Next time, Fan Ye's mother and I will take a long vacation to visit your parents in China.". The two sides talked about getting married. Sheng Ruojuan rarely blushed, "OK.". Uncle! Fan Ye scratched his head and came out with his mother Shi Hongfei. Sheng Ruojuan glanced at him, and he trotted over, "Sister!" Sheng Ruojuan: ".." I forgot to tell the little goose not to call her sister in front of his parents. Fan Linong and Shi Hongfei laughed together, and Sheng Ruojuan blushed even more. After seeing the two elders off,jacuzzi suppliers, Sheng Ruojuan pulled Fan Ye and asked, "What did Auntie say to you?" Fan Ye scratched his head and blushed a little. "I didn't say anything!" Sheng Ruojuan raised his eyebrows, "hmm?" 。 monalisa.com

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