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Shangguan Ding Ba Jian
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Shangguan Ding Ba Jian

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Shangguan Ding Ba Jian
13.10.2022 05:33:41
Bai Jianling's mind began to waver, if that was possible, he was willing to do everything he could! Qingshuang Nu sighed and said, "She was born with the incurable disease of Qifeng. Her mother also suffered from this disease. She will live to be twenty years old at most. But her father and the deer girl of Purple Hump will have twelve competitions to get the golden liquid and silver pills. It will take two years to finish the competition. If you leave her, she can live at least one more year. Then she will be saved." Bai Jianling looked up and said, "Are you sure you can make her live one more year until she gets the golden liquid and silver pills?" "Don't you trust me?" Asked Qingshuang. Bai Jianling got up and said, "Then I'll go." "Don't worry," said Qingshuang Nu. "I can cure your eyes, and you can come to see her again as soon as Yuyu is well. It's just that you haven't seen her for two years." "No need," said Bai Jianling sadly. "In that case, you shouldn't cure my eyes. Otherwise, it's like we're exchanging terms." "Were your eyes hurt by the Kunxie Sword?" Asked Qingshuang Nu. Bai Jianling nodded his head. "Then you have to cure it," said Qingshuang Nu. "It's probably still red in front of your eyes. After thirty days, it will turn black and you can't cure it any more." Bai Jianling shook his head and said, "I don't want to be cured." "The ascetic master asked me to cure you," said Qingshuang Nu. Bai Jianling gave a cry. "He came the day before yesterday," said Qingshuang Nu. "He said that if you couldn't cure your eyes, you wouldn't be able to practice the thirteenth move, and you wouldn't be able to survive the catastrophe in the future." Bai Jianling was silent. Qingshuang Nu added,tape measure clip, "If you practice the thirteenth move of Qizheng Sword right away, you may be able to get the golden liquid and silver pills earlier on the Purple Hump." Bai Jianling was silent for a moment. Then he knelt down to Qingshuang Nu and said, "Then ask the elder to cure my eyes. I want to go to the Purple Hump right away." "Good," said Qingshuang with a slight smile. "Come in, Yuyu," said Xiang Dong. Jiang Yuyu turned out again, and Qingshuang Nu said to her, "Go and get my golden needle!" Jiang Yuyu answered,Wheel tape measure, turned into the cave, and after a while, he carried a jade plate with two golden needles on it and three other medicine bottles. The green frost girl stood up, picked up a golden needle with her hand, and dipped it into a small medicine bottle. After a while, she pulled it out, pushed aside Bai Jianling's eyelids with her fingers, measured it with a golden needle, pondered for a while, and slowly pierced the golden needle from the corner of Bai Jianling's eyes. Bai Jianling had no feeling in her eyes, but felt a burst of numbness. When the golden needle pierced, Qingshuang Nu took a breath and stretched out slowly. The tip of the golden needle was bloodshot. Qingshuang Nu held the golden needle and pulled it out slowly. Suddenly, she pulled it hard. Bai Jianling snorted and felt a sharp pain in her eyes. Xiangtian Scan pqdb123 OCR Old Rain Building exclusive serial reprint, Walking tape measure ,Diameter tape measure, please keep this information Chapter 14 the edge of death. "Don't move," said Qingshuang. "Don't open your eyes." Then she picked up a golden needle and stabbed Bai Jianling in the other eye. After that, she picked up another small bottle and said to Bai Jianling, "Take it!" Bai Jianling took it and took it. Qingshuang Nu picked up another bottle of potion and dropped it into Bai Jianling's eyes. She said to him, "Take a rest now. Open your eyes when I tell you to open them." Jiang Yuyu watched from the side, knowing that the green frost girl had already prepared, and even the tools she used were ready. Bai Jianling closed his eyes, his thoughts surging in his heart, and his heart was even more uncomfortable when he thought that he was about to be separated from Jiang Yuyu. I do not know how much time passed, the green frost girl in his ear: "You can open your eyes." He opened his eyes and saw Jiang Yuyu standing in front of him with a middle-aged woman standing beside him. He knew it must be Qingshuang. "Thank you," he said. Nv Qingshuang waved her hand and said, "No, didn't you say you had something to do?"? Yuyu and I won't send it. As soon as Bai Jianling was in a daze, he could not imagine that they were going to part now. He looked at Jiang Yuyu and saw that she was staring at him with her big glittering eyes. The tears on her eyelashes were not yet all dry, and she looked even more moving. Jiang Yuyu lowered his head slowly. As soon as Bai Jianling looked back, he saw Qingshuang Nu staring at them, and his face was slightly hot.
After a while, he looked up and asked Qingshuang Nu, "Where is it?" Qing Shuang Nu was stupefied. Then she remembered that she had not told Bai Jianling where the purple hump was. She hesitated for a moment and said, "Wang Qiao controls the crane!" Bai Jianling nodded his head slightly. It was said in ancient times that Wang Qiao controlled the crane on Mount Song. He looked up and saw Jiang Yuyu looking at him with a half-smile. He had a meal in his heart and said to himself, "Why didn't Jiang Yuyu say a word? Did she know?" "We won't see you off," said Qingshuang Nu. Bai Jianling bowed to Qingshuang Nu and said, "The younger generation is leaving." Then he looked sideways, and Jiang Yuyu still looked at him with a half-smile, which made him beat a drum in his heart. He stood up, hesitated for a moment, and turned to walk out. Out of the hole, he took a breath, looked back at the hole, walked to the tree, led the white horse, stood for a moment, and reluctantly walked forward. As he walked, he looked back. He only hoped to see Jiang Yuyu again. One look was enough. But until he could not see the hole, he still did not see Jiang Yuyu probe. Disappointed, he got on his horse and thought he would hurry to the purple hump and come back when he got the golden liquid and silver pills. He shook the reins and was about to go when he heard a cry of "Jian Ling!" As soon as he looked up, he saw Jiang Yuyu standing under a tree not far ahead, looking at him with a half-smile. "Yuyu!" He exclaimed in surprise. Said hurriedly jumped off the horse and walked over to Jiang Yuyu. When Jiang Yuyu saw him approaching, he smiled softly and lowered his head. "Ah!" Said Bai Jianling! You're finally smiling! Jiang Yuyu blushed slightly and looked up at Bai Jianling. Bai Jianling gazed at Jiang Yuyu. They gazed for a moment. Jiang Yuyu blushed slightly and bowed his head. "I was eavesdropping when you were talking to my master just now. You won't take it amiss, will you?" Bai Jianling was slightly stupefied and said, "I guess you will know." Jiang Yuyu said, "If you leave me, my heart will be more melancholy." Holding her shoulders, Bai Jianling said,cattle weight tape, "Yuyu, I've promised your master. I'll go to Purple Hump now and come back soon." "I'm going to the Purple Hump to find my father," said Jiang Yuyu. "We'll have a good journey." 。 tapemeasure.net
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