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Legend of strange swordsmen of the Three Kingdoms

geschrieben von Jonathan 
Legend of strange swordsmen of the Three Kingdoms
11.10.2022 08:03:06
Old Zuo Ci took a long breath, spread out his palm, and said to Zhuge Hui with a smile, "Huier, this is a gift from Grandpa Shifu. Do you like it?" As soon as they looked, they saw that the stone in Lao Zuo's palm had disappeared, but it turned into a palm-sized yellow thing, glittering and very bright, and they did not know what it was. Zhuge Hui laughed in surprise and said, "Good!"! Master, grandpa, it's wonderful to turn a stone into a piece of yellow stone! It's fun and interesting! I don't want this gift either. I just want my master to teach me this wonderful skill, which is the best gift. "Before Ge Hui's voice fell, Old Zuo Ci laughed and said," Huier, do you think this skill is easy to learn? There is an iron rule in my way that the more you get, the more you give. Although this piece of Yellowstone is small, it can be exchanged for many things, so it has to pay a lot of effort. Zhuge Hui was only ten years old, and although he was extremely intelligent, he had never seen such "yellow stone flakes" that could be exchanged for many things! She couldn't help asking, "Master,Sex Enhancement Powder, Grandpa, can this really bring back a lot of things?"? How many in the end? Is it possible that the eldest brother does not have to earn money to support the three of us, so that the second brother, the third brother and Huier can go to school? Old Zuo Ci smiled, but did not answer. Pang Degong said with a smile, "Huier, what your master and grandfather conjured up is a piece of gold, worth five hundred taels of silver. With this thing,Theobromine Powder, the life of your three brothers and sisters will be much better in the future. Your eldest brother can continue to study, and your three brothers and sisters can also study without worrying about food and clothing." Zhuge Hui this is the first time to hear the name of "gold", she never expected, this small thing, unexpectedly has such a great power, unexpectedly can bring so many benefits to his brother and sister four people! Zhuge Hui could not help saying hopefully to Old Zuo Ci, "Master, Grandpa, will you teach Huier this wonderful method?" "Why do you want to learn this trick?" Old Zuo Ci asked with a smile. Zhuge Hui said very seriously, "Since this wonderful method can bring a lot of benefits to my four brothers and sisters, Huier thought, there must be many lonely children like me who have lost their parents in the world. If I learn this wonderful method, I can give these lonely children a lot of benefits like Master and Grandpa." When Zhuge Hui said, his face was full of seriousness, and it was obvious that he was not speaking casually. When Old Zuo Ci heard this, he looked at Pang Degong and Guan Yu, Lactoferrin Manufacturer ,Heme Iron Polypeptide, and saw that they were also smiling and nodding, as if they were very appreciative, and he was very gratified in his heart. He pulled Zhuge Hui into his arms with one hand, as if Grandpa had seen his precious granddaughter and stroked her head, saying, "This is a wonderful way that Grandpa will teach you in the future, but not now." Zhuge Huiqi said, "Why do you want to wait? Why don't you teach me now? Huier can learn early and use it early. "Before Old Zuo Ci could answer, Pang Degong laughed and said," Huier! Do you know what wonderful kungfu your master grandpa used? "Don't say," Huier, even Uncle White Beard, it's hard for me to learn, let alone use the magic power of the fairy spirit that he calls'turning everything into gold '. " When Zhuge Hui heard this, he stuck out his tongue and said, "Uncle Beard, can't you learn?"? Does Huier have to become an old woman to learn it? Why is this Kung Fu so difficult to learn? Pang Te-gong said, "This skill of'turning stone into gold 'is the supreme magical power of the magic skill of the fairy spirit. First of all, the internal force must be amazing, emitting heat more intense than the flame, before it can smelt the stone and purify the gold contained in it. It must also have the true spirit of the fairy spirit, before it can gather the intense heat on the stone. Both are indispensable.". I don't know how many times more skillful it is than washing and cleaning clothes just now. Do you think it's difficult? … Zhuge Hui stuck out his tongue and turned to Old Zuo Ci. "Is that so?" He asked? Master, Grandpa. "That's true," said Old Zuo Ci! But Huier, are you afraid? "Huier knows it's difficult," said Zhuge Hui, "but she's not afraid! Huier thought, as long as you study hard, you will be able to learn! If you really can't learn it, why can you use it, Grandpa? So Huier is not afraid, definitely not afraid.
” When Old Zuo Ci heard this, he couldn't help laughing and said, "Good!"! That's great! Huier's answer was that I, Old Zuo Ci, was fifteen years old when I met a master, Master Chi Songzi. Unexpectedly, I heard it with my own ears at this time. Old Zuo Ci was gratified that he had finally received one of the best successors. He immediately gave the piece of gold to Zhuge Liang and told him to change it into silver in Yangdu City so that he could live a good life. Zhuge Liang went to Yangdu City and exchanged the piece of gold for five hundred taels of silver. By the way, he entered the county government office in the city and told his eldest brother Zhuge Jin. In order to support his three younger brothers and sisters, Zhuge Jin became a scribe in the county government office. When he learned that his younger brother and sister had such an adventure, he was very happy. Zhuge Jin immediately decided to resign as a scribe and continue to travel around the world to study. He ordered Zhuge Liang to stay at home and live on the silver for the time being. He himself did not take any money. Five hundred taels of silver were left to Zhuge Liang's three younger brothers and sisters. Zhuge Liang and his elder brother Zhuge Jin returned home with the silver and told his younger brother and sister that Zhuge Jin wanted to go to various places to study. Zhuge Jun and Zhuge Hui were very happy. The future life of the three brothers and sisters is also temporarily worry-free. Pang Degong, Lao Zuo Ci, and Guan Yu, because they had formally accepted the three brothers and sisters of Zhuge's family as apprentices, also stayed at Zhuge's home and began to teach their respective apprentices introductory kungfu. Zhuge Hui was born to be a member of the Fairy Gate. She learned the Fairy Skill from Lao Zuoci. It took her only half a year to learn how to dry and clean clothes with heat. Although it was only the beginning of the Fairy Gate, Lao Zuoci himself spent three years to understand it. By contrast, Lao Zuocu was pleasantly surprised to find that Zhuge Hui's understanding of the Fairy Spirit Skill is many times more agile than his own learning! He could not help laughing from time to time, in his heart, Zhuge Hui is really more precious than his own granddaughter! Zhuge Jun learned "Shenxiang Gong" from Guan Yu,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, and his understanding was not as good as Zhuge Hui's. Zhuge Jun read the wonderful book of the Book of Changes taught by Guan Yu three times before he managed to understand the key points. Be that as it may, Zhuge Jun was not discouraged. He studied hard every day and never relaxed. He was very gratified. He was not tired of Zhuge Jun's dullness. Instead, he taught him more carefully. pioneer-biotech.com
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Re: Legend of strange swordsmen of the Three Kingdoms
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