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Konoha Teacher of Hokage

geschrieben von Jonathan 
Konoha Teacher of Hokage
11.10.2022 08:01:17
According to the custom of previous lives, the wedding must be lively and full of guests, and Konoha Dojo is big enough, he is not worried about accommodating too many people. After setting up the defense of the Ashram, Hippo Hanyu began to scatter the invitations wantonly, lest others did not know that he was going to get married. Almost all the heads of Konoha's big family received his invitations, and his classmates, companions, students and so on were also invited. The number of people and the scale were so large that they almost caught all the top and elite of Konoha. Just as many people don't understand why Hippo Hanyu dared to move so much, many people don't understand why Hippo Hanyu wanted to get married so much. For ninjas, keeping a low profile is the best way to protect their families. But the hippo Hanyu is obviously an alternative, although others in Konoha, but rarely in accordance with the rules of the game to play the game, but free in the edge of the rules. The third generation looked at the list of people invited by Hippo Hanyu, and was greatly relieved. Hippo Hanyu, who had been silent for many years, finally decided to surface. It seemed that it was time for him to prepare to hand over the baton. Mito Menyan and Zhuan Xiaochun knocked on the door and came in. Looking at the invitation card on the desk of the third generation, they guessed the purpose of the third generation inviting them. Others may not know, but as the companions and right arms of the three generations, they know very well how much the three generations value and trust the hippo Hanyu, and how much they take care of and indulge him even more than his students Zilaiya and Tsunade, and the intention of the three generations to cultivate the hippo Hanyu has never been concealed from them. Two people have no prejudice against the hippo Hanyu,Amber Dropper Bottles, but they can not trust the hippo Hanyu as unconditionally as the three generations, they can not understand the hippopotamus Hanyu, so they always have reservations about him. As long as they think that Hanyu, a hippo, was transformed into Yoshino Shota at the age of five, deceiving everyone, following Shigeru to carry out his mission and becoming one of Konoha's legendary figures, they feel like a stem in their throat. They can imagine the strength of the hippopotamus Hanyu,oil dropper bottle, but they can not know how strong the hippopotamus Hanyu is. The third generation handed the list to the two men. Their faces suddenly changed. Mito Menyan asked doubtfully, "What does he mean?" Don't think so much, it's just a wedding! He prefers to be lively, and it's not surprising that more people go to attend. The third generation laughed, and the pipe tapped gently on the edge of the table. The corners of their mouths moved slightly, and they were somewhat dissatisfied with the understatement of the three generations, but in the end they did not say it. "We are all old," said the third generation, lighting his pipe again, taking a deep breath, looking at the ceiling and exhaling a smoke ring. The two elders shook their bodies, and the meaning of the words of the three generations was already obvious. "You promised the elders that you wouldn't let him into Konoha," Mito warned with a straight face. "That was the old assembly of elders," said the third generation with indifference. "If it were now, I don't think anyone would object." Three generations shook the list in their hands, the meaning is very clear, 16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps ,Glass Cosmestic Containers, as long as these people support him, even if others want to oppose it is useless. In fact, the day he became Konoha's education minister, he was already part of the hierarchy. Three generations of smiling at two people, no matter if, the elders have acquiesced in his appointment, "some time ago, the hippo Hanyu appeared in the school, maybe later will officially take charge of the specific affairs of the school." Two people are well-informed, nature is to guide the hippo Hanyu to make a big noise, they have been guessing the intention of the hippo Hanyu, why pick the Iruka class, the background of that class is not simple, that small class has a family of Hijikata, a family of Akimichi, a family of Inuzuka, an oil woman family, a Nara family and the most direct descendants of the once brilliant Uchiha family. It is really difficult for the two of them to look at this incident in isolation, and then think of the attitude of the family in this incident, it is even more worth pondering. Hippo Hanyu is not as complicated as the three generations and the two elders thought. His purpose is very simple, that is, to test the strength of the cockroaches. After all, these cockroaches are still worth cultivating.
Konoha Dojo has a very festive atmosphere. Red lanterns hang high under the tall eaves. The dark department directly under his orders lurks in the hidden fortresses of Konoha Dojo, strengthening the defense of the Dojo. The busy figures of Mikitang, Jing and Hongdou are shuttling back and forth in the dojo. The three of them have long regarded the dojo as their home, and they are more concerned about the wedding of Hippo Hanyu than he is. Hippo Hanyu looked at the mirror, his face was painted like a ghost, very uncomfortable, but Hippo Tomoko and chess wood Ling also how not to let him go, it seems that he is very interesting. Yu, smile, don't always pull a face, today is your wedding, aren't you happy? Hippo Tomoko patted Hippo Hanyu on the face and complained. How could it be? Hippo Hanyu hurriedly squeezed out a smile, if this word spread to the red ear, do not know this girl will have any bad association, but still can not help bargaining up: "can not draw these messy things, very ugly." "No!" Hippo Tomoko and Qi Mu Ling also spoke in the same voice, directly hitting the little hope of Hippo Hanyu into the bottom of the sea. Hee hee, brother will be like this! When Kakashi got married, didn't his brother say that his dress was very cute? Lin, who had just entered the door, covered her mouth with a smile, and a word left the hippo Hanyu speechless. Retribution! If I had known, I would not have tormented Kakashi, and now all the retribution has come back. Eh- "Jing, what's the matter with you?" Red Bean patted the quiet shoulder in a daze in the corner and asked. "Nothing," Jing answered with a forced smile. You can't fool me. Red bean eyelids flicker, as if really know the quiet mind in general. Quiet body trembled,glass cream jars, his face slightly strange, "what did I lie to you?"? Let's go. I have a lot of things to do. Hongdou suddenly grabbed Jing's clothes and said, "You can't run away. I know." The red bean attached herself to Jing's ear and gently licked her earlobe with her tongue. penghuangbottle.com
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