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Rev caves are the one thing that stops me

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Rev caves are the one thing that stops me
28.07.2020 11:40:56
"Rev caves are the one thing that stops me from RuneScape gold being compassionate towards them," reads one reply on Reddit at a RuneScape thread about Venezuelan RuneScape players. "Nothing frustrates me more than walking in each world and being attacked by an army of rune crossbows and snake bandanas." "Jagex has to do something about these Venezuelans," another RuneScape player wrote, adding:"I don't care about their real-life situation. They perform RuneScape solely for monetary gain and it is destroying the economy. They offer nothing to RuneScape, they do not interact within the community"

Whenever some RuneScape players share stories about their negative interactions with Venezuelans, other RuneScape players, like Pip Johnson, aren't as critical about them. In reality, Johnson sympathises with the problem that Venezuelan RuneScape players have found themselves, and describes his encounter with one Venezuelan RuneScape participant as"the first real experience" he has had with the other RuneScape player online in over 15 decades, after he was gifted items and provided guidance on the best methods to accelerate. "I do think that the Venezuelan economy is in shambles is terrible, and I do not blame anyone there for earning money in almost any way they can, irrespective of any impact it may have on RuneScape," Johnson states.

"Any one of us would do exactly the same." There's an influx of memes on sites like Reddit parodying the scenario that RuneScape players have seen themselves in. Johnson believes that they've become an easy goal from the RuneScape community for people looking to make jokes at someone else's expense. "Anonymity brings out the worst in most people," Johnson writes. "Some RuneScape players think RuneScape players are taking advantage of RuneScape for personal gain and [that] they shouldn't be," he continues. "There is also a lot of racism in the internet gambling community. Venezuelans are an easy target since they're so prevalent. Their inhabitants in RuneScape is now somewhat of a meme locally and this brings even more attention to them specifically."

The creator of the controversial Reddit post detailing how to kill Venezuelan RuneScape players at RuneScape, who wants to be known only as Sam, informs Polygon his article was misinterpreted by readers, and was only supposed to be a"dark joke" comparing Venezuelan RuneScape players to bots. He says he had been surprised by how fast the thread escalated into comments that are racist. Asked if he felt guilty seeing the responses to the thread, along with the effect that encouraging RuneScape players to buy OSRS gold target RuneScape players from Venezuela could have on this group, he states:"I mean, if there was a situation where somebody lost four hours of farming, then I'd absolutely feel guilty. Let me be clear: I do believe [this ] if me or anybody was having an impact on individuals' lives doing so, we'd feel guilty. I think what disturbs people is the potential of this affecting people, though that is unrealistic."

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