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but the lingering issue is a bit of a concern

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but the lingering issue is a bit of a concern
10.10.2021 02:15:12
but the lingering issue is a bit of a concernGot their own spin on offense, Lindsey told reporters Saturday. All have our own personality that comes out when you design an offense. The bottom line has never changed. Morrow makes his second appearance on the list, this time with his slider. He used his slider to record 28 of 59 strikeouts this season. He throws it for a strike 79.0 pct of the time, and induces a swing and miss 40.0 pct of the time (5th best rate in the majors)..(In their defense, they didn't realize Rust was dead until Week 10. At that point, the season was effectively over, so they decided not to waste money on promoting another coach. They just propped up Rust's lifeless body for the last six weeks. Has all the bonafides. Yet as I watched one episode after another, I found myself wondering why I was meant to care about any of it. Why was Giamatti Chuck Rhoades so hell bent on busting Lewis Bobby Axelrod? Why was Axe supposed to be so much worse than your average titan of the market? How much exposition would I have to sit through to appreciate the stakes of the moves Axe fund was making in any given episode? There was a lot of swagger and even more lifestyle porn (even Chuck comes from money and resides in a lavish brownstone), but there didn seem to have a compelling reason for the show itself to exist, or for this to be its particular story.
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