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While we are on the subject

geschrieben von Dragonborn 
While we are on the subject
06.10.2021 08:33:07
While we are on Mut 22 coins the subject, why has Henry not joined the 99 Club yet. Henry's Madden 22 rating has increased three points over last year. But why is it not adding more?

A rating below the injured McCaffrey is one thing but Henry has performed more than enough to confirm his status as an elite player.

Admission to the exclusive 99 Club has been recently granted to Travis Kelce, Aaron Donald, and Davante Adams, however, following Henry's dazzling season, he's deserved also a golden ticket.

The remaining backs are: Henry is tied by Nick Chubbs, while Alvin Kamara and Dalvin Cook round out the top five with 95 and 94 respectively.

Madden 22's top-10 cornerbacks and safeties don't include the Chargers

As part of their massive week of announcements for cheap Madden 22 coins the upcoming edition of Madden 22, the Madden 22 team has cut the ratings for the top-10 cornerbacks as well as safeties.
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