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Although I agree with the majority of your comments

geschrieben von Dragonborn 
Although I agree with the majority of your comments
06.10.2021 08:32:40
Although I agree with the majority of your comments I believe OSRS Gold that the absence of new quests will cease to be a problem shortly. The Return of the Gods has opened new possibilities. And we have the World Events too, I found the Battle of Lumbridge an awesome event can't wait for the next one.

Thou art aware that all is shared. Everyone have to be killed. William Shakespeare. When Shakespeare wrote those words, He probably didn't think about putting the words into computer games, but the fact remains that nothing escapes death. People, elephants, car engines, even the planet Earth will eventually meet a dark demise. Runescape is not immune to that fate. It is something that not many people deny.

This is due to the fact that Runescape seems to be in decline. There is good reason to believe it. On a Friday night there are only 40,000 players playing online. If you began playing years ago, you are probably more used to seeing at minimum 100,000 players on the internet. This makes the situation clear. It's fascinating to read about Jagex's remarks or lack thereof about the player.

Jagex has not made a public statement addressing the decline in activity or the steps taken to counter it. Jagex has made some remarks about the game that appeared a little off-the-mark. Jagex CEO Mark Gehard said in July 2012 that Runescape is "as strong and as powerful as it has ever been." It's possible he is correct if he meant that more players have the power of 99 than they ever had before. However, if his comment refers to activities in the game, it's likely that Buy RS Gold he hasn’t been sleeping enough.
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