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Patrick Mahomes gets kick out of himself in Bears jersey

geschrieben von kill613 
Patrick Mahomes gets kick out of himself in Bears jersey
07.03.2021 04:23:05
Whether he knows it or not, Patrick Mahomes seems invested in rubbing salt in the wound of Chicago Bears fans.To get more news about www.bearsbuy.com, you can visit bearsbuy official website.

The Bears infamously traded up to No. 2 in the 2017 Draft to select Mitchell Trubisky, while the Chiefs landed Mahomes at No. 10. In reference to that, ESPN shared an edited image of Mahomes in a Bears uniform.Trubisky is currently languishing on the bench behind Nick Foles. Mahomes, meanwhile, has become one of the most dynamic players in recent NFL history, and is a Super Bowl champion already. He wasn’t even the only elite quarterback Chicago could have landed with that selection, either.

No, Mahomes likely holds no real ill will toward the Bears. Things worked out pretty well for him. Their fans are definitely going to keep hurting as long as he’s making light of what happened, though.
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