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Buy Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar 5039 White Gold Fake Watch 5039G

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Buy Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar 5039 White Gold Fake Watch 5039G
03.11.2020 13:43:34
The name replica Patek Philippe watches is the most powerful in the entire watch industry. It is synonymous with class, conservatism, high auction value, price legitimacy, and some of the best looking traditional watches now or in the past. Patek Philippe is still an independent company, its secrets and plans are strictly protected, and its most unique watches are usually delivered directly from the factory to the world's most prestigious collectors-never on the counter or window of a store Show. In the auction price of high-end watches, Patek Philippe leads. It is easy to dominate all other watchmakers in reaching record regular prices. The wealth of most Patek Philippe watches at auction is not that small, they are extremely rare, and are usually unique pieces made for special collectors. Most of these customized Patek Philippe watches were produced in the first half of the 20th century, when Patek Philippe was more open to design and product experimentation. Although some of its most valuable timepieces (including pocket watches and watches) were produced in the modern era.

Astronomical Tourbillon 6002G
There is no doubt that the astronomical tourbillon is one of Patek Philippe's most widely known watches ever. Earlier last year, in 2013, the manufacturer launched its follow-up model, now called 6002G. The 6002G is decorated with exquisite carvings on its 18k white gold case (perhaps a little too much), thus taking the already eye-catching appearance of its predecessor to another level. In addition to the fascinating aesthetics, this reference also hides the most complicated watch movement made by Patek Philippe. The front of the watch displays the time, perpetual calendar with retrograde date and moon phase, while the rear dial retains some more concealed issues. It features the northern starry sky and displays the sidereal time, the meridian transit time of Sirius and the moon, and the angular direction and phase of the moon in a 24-hour system.luxury replica watches

Although the sapphire window on the platinum case is not shown (because it has a double-sided dial), the adjustment mechanism of the movement is a one-minute tourbillon. It consists of 69 parts and weighs only 0.3 grams. It is one of the few tourbillons that have undergone rigorous timing tests. Its speed does not fluctuate more than -2 and +1 seconds per day. In the end, the 686 caliber movement of the astronomical tourbillon is also equipped with a minute repeater, and the time (displayed on the front dial) is timed by its two cathedral gongs.

Model 1563 minutes and seconds chronograph, 18K gold
This work (made in 1947 and sold in 1950) (known to be auctioned at Christie's in November 2013) is one of three known references 1563. It is based on the 1436 dual compound chronograph and has a 1436 waterproof screw-in case. The difference lies in the functionality and complexity of the seconds chronograph. This complication is known as one of the most difficult complications in assembly and production.

This special dial is unique among the three iterations in 1563, because it has luminous precious numbers and luminous sword needles-both original watches. Patek Philippe's documents on this watch pointed out that in fact, it had 1436 printed on the back cover, although it did not say whether this was due to the lack of parts with the correct seal, or because someone assembled this beautiful piece late the night before. clothes. We can be sure that, due to its bold numbers, beautifully balanced dial layout and sublime complexity, this watch has a timeless appearance, and we dare to say that it is more sporty, which makes this watch suitable for today's Very popular for collectors. And tomorrow.swiss watches for men

Probably unique pilot's prototype watch
Patek Philippe is the rarest and most expensive watch in the world. They are all unique pieces. They have one or more unique achievements that make them unique. Having said that, this 1936 Prototype Pilot watch is just something else. First, its movement was actually manufactured in 1912, and only about 24 years later, it was installed in the nickel-chromium case above. This unique prototype is equipped with the so-called "detachable central seconds and hour-angle dial", of which there is only one, while Patek Philippe only makes two such watches.

This strange term "hour hand" actually refers to the hour hand rotating once every 24 hours, indicating the arc relative to the center circle (divided into 360 degrees). The "minute" hand rotates every 4 hours and corresponds to it. The scale is 60. The two seconds hands rotate once every 4 minutes to display the minutes and minutes. Therefore, as shown in the figure, the time displayed on the watch is 332 8.5', which is converted to 22 hours, 8 minutes and 30 seconds, which is the time displayed by all watches in books and catalogs. The diameter is up to 56 mm and is designed to be worn by pilots and worn on the outside of the flight suit.

Unique oversized single button chronograph
Sometimes things don't need to be too complicated to make it satisfying, but for some people it becomes very valuable. Nowadays, big clocks and watches have become history, and in the era of high demand, the important clocks of the past are extremely large. In the special world of auctions, high demand equals no limit bidding. An excellent example is the single-button chronograph from 1932: the 18k gold case with a case diameter of 46 mm was not only considered a very large replica watches online shop at the time, but also Patek Philippe's watchmaking craftsmanship is more widely known. Work with conservative dimensions.

Produced as a special order and sold to Ferrari team president Carlo Felice Trossi (Count Carlo Felice Trossi), this watch is not only rare, but also has the important added value of an outstanding owner. In such an early stage, not only had the first owner, but actually had very few photos of the watch. In the background of the picture above, you can see the president of Ferrari. He proudly wears a customized 46mm Patek Philippe single-button chronograph on his sleeve, probably when he is wearing a chronograph, the purpose is For easier access.

Reference 1591 perpetual calendar

Over the years (for a hundred years), Patek Philippe has created a wonderful series of different references, and you will find most of them in our selection. Although 1591 may be just a model you have never heard of before, it is obvious that once you understand that it has a special purpose on the cover of the 2007 Christie's Geneva important pocket watch and wrist watch catalogue, its special feature is that it is extremely delicate The beautiful aesthetics and amazingly complex internal structure make 1591 very desirable even in other historic watches. It seems that it is not enough, let us add one point, that's right, two pieces have been manufactured. The one sold by Christie's is one of them, the only one made of stainless steel, and the other is 18k gold. Despite the fact that it was made in 1944-in a very early and war-torn era, and also used materials that Patek Philippe appropriately avoided-there are still many of this work.

According to Christie's records, this watch was not known to literature and the market until 1996. This was the first time it was sold at auction, and it broke the world record for stainless steel watches sold at auction. According to Patek Philippe's notes, this piece was sold by its Indian retailer. As Christie's said, it is actually “the pride of a monarch who likes to wear a sturdy timepiece occasionally when playing polo.replica Patek Philippe Ref. 5370P-011 watches
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