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but the makeover continues

geschrieben von zhangzk 
but the makeover continues
08.01.2022 09:04:33
but the makeover continuesMcCown would be low on the list of problems this season for the 2 9 Browns. The team's total lack of a running game or defense, not to mention a thin wide receiver group, were bigger issues. We wouldn't even call McCown an average NFL starter, but he did as well as could be expected considering the circumstances..But, I still think the Patriots offense is back to the point where going after the Broncos and preparing to score as many points as possible is the way to do it in this matchup. The New England attack just isn't built with the idea of trying to slow things down. For the better part of a decade it's been about spreading teams out, throwing the ball and putting points on the board as often as possible.
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