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he had 10

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he had 10
28.12.2021 10:23:51
he had 10The mindset that Reid saw in Houston is showing up all over the Chiefs. Smith continues to enjoy what could be the best season of his career, as his decision making continually put Kansas City in advantageous situations on Monday. He made plays with his arm (completing 27 of 37 passes for 293 yards and a touchdown) and his legs (rushing for 56 yards on seven attempts) and he was at his best when the Chiefs took possession of the ball with 47 seconds and the game tied at 20.EDIT: Most of these comments are talking about what happens if you were to press to Power button or put the system in Standby Mode. Yet OP asked what happens when you press the Home button. Why is everyone talking about the system being put to sleep? That has nothing to do with OPs question..
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